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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweet Gal in Alabama...

The hot dogs are boiling and I'm getting ready to sit and have lunch, I hear the mail truck driving by.  It's funny to hear everyday... the slow revving of the engine, then the break, revving then break.
As my mail lady places the mail in my mailbox, I start my cardio workout (oh, about 50 steps) to the box and get my mail.  Going through all the Thursday flyers - I come across this lovely pink envelope.  It's thick, full of some sort of goodies and I can't imagine who it could be from.  It's from a customer!!  

I have a Wonderful, sweetheart of a customer in Alabama and just lookie what she sent to me.
This UNBELIEVABLE package of handmade note cards!!   Along with a lovely card, filled with caring and kind thoughts.  It has made my day!   

Here's a close up of my new cards!  I just can't wait to use them!

Look at the time that she put into making these cards!  Incredible.  They are glittery, too!  Love that!  Just too perfect to even use... 

I have to thank Marilynn for all her thoughtfulness and kindness in sending me this wonderful surprise... and they were the best surprises!  I can't say it enough, how touched I am everyday by everyone I've met; via Etsy, or Flickr.  You gals are just the best!  And it's great to know and get to know everyone of you!  Marilynn, you doll you, I can't say enough about your wonderful gesture.  Thank you!  :D

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