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Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Comes First - The Hen or the Egg Cosy?

One of my favorite shops on Etsy is Mogwaii and here are some of  the Wonderful Creations of designer and shoppe owner, Sarah Campbell.

She resides on the Isle of Lismore, as she describes, "a rugged island in the North West of Scotland" and works with the mediums of  "pure wool, felt or melton."
I love her fabulous designs and hope you visit her at:

Here's Lavinia the Hebridean Hen (above), she can't be bothered with feathers, instead she's made entirely of Shetland wool tweed and tartan with a touch of Lavender!

Lavinia MacColl Egg Cosy (above), this is a marvelous hen that just loves keeping your eggs warm in the mornings.  She too is made of Shetland wood and tartan.  I think she's Eggstra Ordinary!!

This is Diedre the Hebridean Hen (above), and Diedre wants to see the world and travel.  She is very cuddly and would love to have a family of her own.
She just has some marvelous details and would be a treasure to own.

Lavender Pin Cushion (above). This pin cushion inspired by cupcakes and sugar icing, is filled with lavender instead of fluff.  It smells absolutely delicious and the more you pin the better it smells!  Just lovely.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sugar Cookie Dolls - All are Soooo Sweet!!

A few weeks ago, I stopped by the Etsy Shoppe of Sugar Cookie Dolls and was blown away by the talent and creativity of owner and designer, Toni Kelly.  
She has put together a collection of Sweet Little Pixies, Goddesses, Dolls that celebrate food and life; along with the love and adventure of that life.  I can't say enough about these marvelous designs created by such a talented woman!

Here's a photo (above) of her collection of Party Pixie Dolls.  I, myself, purchased one of these lovely Party Pixie Dolls and I have to tell you she is the cutest Pixie ever!  She's hanging around the house, jumping from one shelf to another, taking in the view.  I never know from day to day where she'll end up!!

Just look at Ice Cream Sundae Party Pixie Doll (above), the detail on this gal is so yummy, you may find yourself running to the refrigerator every time you look at her!!  

This girlie has a fake chocolate doughnut with sprinkles body and is wearing a hot pink, satin ribbon sash that says "Doughnut Diva". A fancy gold tiara sits atop her yellow hair and she's wearing hot pink high heeled shoes.

Naturally, living on the coast makes me just so affectionate for the Beachy Keen - Beach Goddess Doll.  She is just amazing.  Check out those tiny shells that she probably collected on the shore and that tiara on her head (oh, what wonderful detail!).

So, please check out the work of these incredible lady at all her shoppes and on Flickr:

Monday, July 13, 2009


This post is for my Pal Trishie Mac and her new upcoming adventure!!

My girl LOVES Lance and is a HUGH Livestrong/Lance Armstrong Foundation participant and it is out of my honor and respect for her, I named these dolls after her and to donate all the profits to the Livestrong/Lance Armstrong Foundation.

The girls come with their own Livestrong bracelet along with a bracelet for you, too!!

Viva la Lance!!

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