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Monday, July 13, 2009


This post is for my Pal Trishie Mac and her new upcoming adventure!!

My girl LOVES Lance and is a HUGH Livestrong/Lance Armstrong Foundation participant and it is out of my honor and respect for her, I named these dolls after her and to donate all the profits to the Livestrong/Lance Armstrong Foundation.

The girls come with their own Livestrong bracelet along with a bracelet for you, too!!

Viva la Lance!!


  1. Oh my goodness these girls are absolutely adorable! I could see a new collection forming at my house!
    My little beach house doll is quietly watching me work on her house. We did the roof this past weekend. I'm looking for a little dog to be her friend too!

  2. Oh Kathi, you should have told me...
    I had a Collie that was a bit brown and black!! I would have sent him along. If you want him, let me know!! :D


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