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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lovely Tutorial from the Tooth Fairy

As I anticipate the coming of SPRING!! - (wish, wish - my fingers are crossed) -
Also in our family are all sorts of renewals.
I have many nieces and nephews, now many are approaching the "Tooth Fairy" age.
What a cool time in a child's life! Personally, I can remember constantly wiggling that tooth loose just to get all the coins from the Tooth Fairy!

So I wanted to just post a tutorial from one of my favorite spots: Purlbee!
Here's a great and colorful way to help the Tooth Fairy find that loose tooth - and also a great way to keep all those coins, as well.

Here's the finished pieces (above) and they are just so darn cute that I just can't believe it!
So simple to make as well. It's a truly easy project, no sewing machine is even required; just a few stitches here and there and it's done!

Below, are a few photos from the complete tutorial at Just click on the links provided and see the entire post.
They even provide the template for the tooth pattern as well.
I just adore that site and I'm sure you will, too!

Personally, I hope the kids don't start pulling out their teeth like I did... I'm trying to buy some time to get all my felt supplies to make a few of these bags!
This is such a wonderful idea for pre-schoolers and you know, keeping the design simple is good, but if you lived in my house, you'd know that we'd have to jazzy up the bag with a bit of Fairy Dust. :D

Happy Crafting!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Etsy Twitter Team: Shop of the Week

Shop of the Week: Punky Jane

While perusing this week's Shop of the Week, PunkJane; I must admit it took me so very long just trying to pick only a few items to showcase for this post... I absolutely LOVE everything that this fabulous shop owner, Sandy Simpson creates, that it's similar to having a bag of potato chips, it's impossible to have only one!

This past week, both PunkyJane (Sandy) and I have celebrated milestones - I, the 3rd Anniversary of my Etsy Shoppe and my Tweety Sandy, celebrated a wonderful birthday!!
So with that in mind, I felt I would showcase the following items from

First, LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE hand stamped sterling silver necklace (above). No truer words have been spoken and I'm just positive that Sandy lives what she stamps!! There are times in our lives that we need to carry these wonderful words of inspiration with us as a reminder to get as much out of our lives as possible.

DREAM hand stamped sterling silver with freshwater pearl (above) is just the perfect gift for that special girl who is turning Sweet 16 or even Sweet 40! We all need to have dreams, no matter what age, and what better way to remind someone to keep dreaming than having a wonderful sterling silver necklace

This and so much more is featured on Etsy Twitter Team's Blog of PunkyJane; where you can learn so much more about this creative shoppe owner. Also, check out previous articles on other team members, as well. You'll find we are a diverse group of artists who just love both tweeting and creating.

Mark Your Calendar (tm) personalized sterling silver pin with Swarovski Crystal (above & below) is one of PunkyJane's Signature pieces and I know I've seen it on the Front Page of Etsy, OMGosh, I don't know how many times and I can see why, can't you?

This fabulous piece is so versatile and can be given for ANY occasion. You want your husband to remember a special day... like say your anniversary :D, give him a keychain with this wonderful piece. It's available at PunkyJane.

This week Sandy is offering the following:
Free standard shipping on everything in her shop now through February 25, 2010. Use 'TwitterSOTW' in the message to seller box at checkout and your shipping will be refunded via PayPal.
To learn more about Sandy's shop (aka PunkyJane)
please use these links and check out the other blogs here on our blog (ETT).
F A C E B O O K : Become a fan!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

There's quite a story behind the Olympic flowers

Reprinted from

After every Olympic event, rather than receiving their medals, athletes are given a bouquet of flowers. At the Beijing Olympics, roses dominated the bouquets. In Turin, it was rhododendrons, azaleas, and camellias. This year, it's green mums and hypericum berries.

The bouquets come from Just Beginnings Flowers and Margitta's Flowers in Surrey, British Columbia. Their entry was chosen from 58 contending florists. June Strandberg, the bouquet designer and owner of Just Beginnings, teaches floristry to women who have left prison, are recovering from addiction, or have been victims of violence. It's a pretty amazing program, and Strandberg has even taken it behind bars, where she educates convicts. She believes it's her work with these correctional programs that secured the Olympic contract.

For the Vancouver Olympics the florists made 1,800 bouquets, 1,707 of which will be given to medal-winning athletes in the Olympics and Paralympics. The flowers are grown locally, but they aren't in season during February, so additional supplies were flown in from Ecuador.

The flowers were chosen to represent British Columbia and Canada, and are intended as keepsakes for the athletes. There are even strict regulations for the bouquets presented at the flower ceremonies. Per IOC protocol, bouquets must be 20 to 30 centimeters tall and about 25 centimeters across.

Though these flowers might look like something you give your mom at a homecoming football game, a lot of thought and planning goes into choosing and making these bouquets. When you consider the societal benefits behind these flowers, it almost makes the bouquets as valuable as the medals.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Play with Your Food - It's Valentine's!!

We were always taught to "not play with our food" but here's something so darn cute that I just felt the need to show you for the upcoming Valentine's weekend.

The original article and instructions are available here, at Eyecandy...
Check these out, they are cherry tomatoes!!
Who said fruits and veggies can't be fun??!! Not me.

See how tomatoes and mini cocktail weiners can be turned into your "hearts" delight, there's even instructions for this terrific cocktail dip!

Here's wishing everyone love and a great Chinese New Year - Year of the Tiger!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Etsy Twitter Team: Shop of the Week

As I prepared to write this week's Etsy Twitter Team's Shop of the Week, I found myself just mesmerized by all the items that our Shop, Glitzy Events has available.
Shop owner, Kim Williams, specializes in Custom Invitations for Weddings - and the choices are just so amazing; if I were a bride I wouldn't know where to start!!
But you will see, as you browse Kim's shop - she has offers so much MORE than just invitations.

Of course, women and NOW the men who want to please them, all recognize this wonderful aqua color use for "Tiffany's" and here's just a wonderful use of that combination of Aqua/Silver/and White joined together to have your own affordable "Tiffany" style affair, with Kim's creation, The Charming 7x5 Layered Wedding Invitation.

Kim says, "Glitzy Events was created to give brides a creative and affordable alternative for wedding invitations. We specialize in pocketfold invitations, but we can create just about any invitation that you'd like!" Well Kim, I have to say, I'm sold on this one already!!

You know, I'm a girl of BLING and I went DIRECTLY to this wonderful invitation!
Just check out the detail (photo below) of the affordable, classy touch of charm.

This and so much more is featured on Etsy Twitter Team's Blog of Glitzy Events; where you can learn so much more about this creative shoppe owner. Also, check out previous articles on other team members, as well. You'll find we are a diverse group of artists who just love both tweeting and creating.

Kim also has created these fabulous Custom Note Cards that are just such a Special Item in my own heart. Not only are these Custom Cards a wonderful gift for the Bride & Groom to be, they are just a terrific idea for the young lady turning Sweet 16. I know she's texting you right now to borrow the car tonight; but one day, she'll see these cards tucked away and remember the days she was young.

The Kara Custom Set of 15 Flat (Fifteen) Note Cards (above), are just as sweet as they can be and can fit any occasion; Babysitter Birthday Gift, Graduation, or even just a wonderful item to send off to a favorite friend.

One year, I was searching for a gift to give my neighbor who was graduating medical school, and I decided to purchase for her personalized stationary with her new medical title - she became a doctor of obstetrics. She loved the gift and used them in sending notes out to fellow doctors and patients. So you never know how such a simple gift will impact a person...
especially something that is created and made with love.

The Allison Custom Set of 10 Flat (Ten) Note Cards (photo, above) is just the perfect gift for your sweetheart or best pal this Valentine's Day!
So remember to check out the full story at Etsy Twitter Team's Blog and to learn more about Kim, use these links as well:
twitter is
blog is

From February 8-14, GlitzyEvents is offering Free Shipping on all Invitation Samples
Just mention EtsyTwitter @ check-out for a refund on shipping,
or convo her ahead of time for an updated listing.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Day Madness in Philadelphia

Not too many people know that by day, (or overnight!) I'm a freelance television engineer at a local television station in the city of Philadelphia; and I've been doing this particular job for over 10 years. Unfortunately, lately, there hasn't been too much work and I've found myself crafting, blogging (writing) and tweeting with the extra time, which I have so thoroughly enjoyed.
But when this opportunity arose to work during the Blizzard that we experienced here in the area, I thought I would take a few photos and just give you a backstage view of the morning news

Because the track of the storm was predicted to arrive in the area in the late afternoon; we were given hotel rooms to insure our arrival at work the next morning... so here's a picture from the window of my hotel room.
For the first time, I felt like a visitor in Philadelphia! This was an amazing view I had and I just couldn't get enough.
To the upper right of the pic, you'll see the Philadelphia Art Museum (those steps made famous in Rocky) and the road that leads up to it - Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
Clockwise around Logan Circle the buildings are - (right) The Free Library; the dome building is The Cathedral of the Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul; and across from the Cathedral is The Franklin Institute of Science Museum. It was amazing to me that there was very little traffic at 3pm... I think everyone was just trying to leave the city early!

Now here's the same view from the window around 9pm. As you can see, the snow was starting to come down and things were starting to get a bit hairy.

I was planning on taking another photo at 3am when I woke up but the white out condition was so terrible, it was impossible to make out a thing!
I should just say that we were expecting to get, roughly, 18" of snow and more accumulation further south of the city and into my home state of New Jersey. We have a tendency to not believe what we hear all the time regarding snow accumulations but this storm was a big one... and when there is a hugh storm, the station wants to go on the air as early as possible.

The station produces a daily, weekday, morning show which starts at 5am - so why not do this on Saturday!!
Here are just some candid photos I took of the work day just prior to and during the morning.

We went on the air at 5am - here are our two anchors (left) Ukee Washington & Liz Keptner just before the morning show began, reading over their scripts.

That terrific gal running to her desk is one of our Meteorologists, Maria LaRosa - hamming it up for the camera. This is a side view of the studio from the corner where my teleprompter station is located.

Everyone was getting ready for the day long event... with our coffees in hand!
Before we went on the air, there had been reports of such amazing snow accumulations all around the area - by show time, there had been at least 6" of snow in just under 4 hours.

And with that snow came so many traffic accidents - the snow plow drivers are the hardest working people in this type of weather; also along with all the health care workers... they don't get snow days!

Our traffic reporter, Bob Kelly, was showing us one of many pile ups that happened - this is a picture from one of the traffic cameras of cars getting stuck.

Apparently, the first car, (top, left) got stuck then the SUVs following trying to avoid hitting each other, all turned - but into an unplowed snowbank, leaving everyone stuck waiting for the tow trucks!

Here's Bob describing the situation... I took this picture of my work station with the monitor that I watch to see what's going on over the air.

The monitor on the right side of this photo is a computer screen showing, in different colors, the entire news show for that particular hour (we were on the air for over 8 hours that day) - it shows me all the stories that they will report or read during that show and the copy (text) that gets displayed for the teleprompter.

I'm really starting to feel my age now, because when I first worked in television, all the copy was still being written on HUGH cue cards.

Unfortunately, I was trying to be quick when taking the next picture and my poor buddy, Nico turned out just too blurry! Sorry!

So, this is a blurry picture of my pal Nico, who was working as the Floor Director.

His job is to let the talent in the studio (which includes the reporters and anchors) know of any changes; to cue them when they are on the air; and to alert them of any changes that will ALWAYS happen - especially on a snow day broadcast.

In this picture, he is standing next to a few cameras, while Bob Kelly was talking about the above traffic situation!
These cameras, once ran by camera men, are now operated remotely by one fellow, in another location. All the advancements to the industry...

This was later in the day, after the noon broadcast and everyone was getting ready for the next show.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get photos of EVERYONE who was working behind the scenes; because for the few people you see in these pictures, there are 3x's that hard at work making sure everyone gets their news.

I've missed working for almost 2 months but it was well worth coming back and being a part of this memorable weekend broadcast! Later today, I'm going to post the pictures of what it looked like driving home after the record snow... oh by the way, we received over 30" in New Jersey (the area I live, anyway!!) :D

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Etsy Twitter Team: Shop of the Week

Our gal, Lois Stifel, is one of many favorites in our Twitter Team. I think she must have been a cheerleader because she's always there for all of us - Tweeting for the team!

While reading her profile at her Etsy Shoppe, she talks about how she got the name, Foxy G. Knits. She says, "I have a little granddaughter who is going on two years old. When we were selecting our grandparent names, I joked that I would be “Grandma Lo” by day and “Foxy G.” by night. When I was trying to come up with a name for my shop, Foxy G. Knits was a natural!" And that's our Lois! She may be Grandma Lo - but to the team she'll forever be FOXY G!

Hand Knit Goddess Shawl Wrap - Mardi Gras: is the name of the above & below creation of Foxy G. Knits. The traditional colors of Mardi Gras are purple (symbolic of justice), green (symbolic of faith) and gold (symbolic of power). The accepted story behind the original selection of these colors originates from 1872 when the Grand Duke Alexis Romanoff of Russia visited New Orleans. During his stay, he was given the honor of selecting the official Mardi Gras colors. Thus, did these colors also become the colors of the House of Romanoff.

This and so much more is featured on Etsy's Twitter Team blog interview of FoxyGKnits; where you can learn so much more about this creative shoppe owner. Also, check out previous articles on other team members, as well. You'll find we are a diverse group of artists who just love both tweeting and creating.

Not only is Lois knitting but the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree... The Hand-knitted Amethyst Shawl was hand knit by her 90-year-old "mamalicious" (her mom!). It can be dressed up or down and would be great for that airplane ride or at the office. Drape it over your winter coat, or warm your shoulders on a cool morning. Imagine yourself wrapped up in front of a crackling fire…
Whether you purchase this as a gift for yourself or for that someone special, it is hand knit with love – from Grandma Sarah’s heart to yours. (Having a very soft spot for my own mom, I wanted to include this in my post!)

So please, check out FoxyG. Knits, and while your at it, check out her blog too!
She pens some great blog articles! She's got some great sales going on; and such a variety of styles and prices! :D

Etsy Twitter Team: Shop of the Week - Belated

Unfortunately, I was unable to blog about last week's Shop of the Week for Etsy's Twitter Team - so I wanted to make up for that and get in a belated post for Wellspring Creations!

I have to say, what Judy of Wellspring Creations, creates such marvelous pieces;
blending both unique stones and her wire wrapping techniques, she shows us all how amazing simple objects are turned into wearable art.
She uses one of my favorite quotes by Michaelangelo to describe her pieces:
"Michaelangelo said that the marble told him what to carve...what it was meant to be. Similarly, I take great care to present each special stone in a setting that not only looks lovely, but is specially chosen to enhance its beauty."

This exquisite Deep Pink Rhodochrosite Pendant (above) has lovely white markings; it is an unusually high quality stone--referred to as "gemmy" by the trade. The setting is a wire wrapped sterling silver "net" that gives an airy appearance to this very feminine stone.

This lovely Natural Pink Rose Quartz Silver wrapped Pendant (above) is carved in a heart shape. Carefully wrapped in sterling silver wire, each side is different--it's like two handcrafted pendants in one. One side is sweeping loops topped with two asymmetric coils; the other, delicate netting topped with a swarovski crystal.

Find these and many other wonderful items at Judy's shop, Wellspring Creations.
Check out Judy's blog as well:

In February:
* 20% of all proceeds go to THE RED CROSS for HAITI RELIEF EXCEPT *
"THE CURE" earrings where 20% goes to SUSAN G. KOMEN/BREAST CANCER.

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