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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lovely Tutorial from the Tooth Fairy

As I anticipate the coming of SPRING!! - (wish, wish - my fingers are crossed) -
Also in our family are all sorts of renewals.
I have many nieces and nephews, now many are approaching the "Tooth Fairy" age.
What a cool time in a child's life! Personally, I can remember constantly wiggling that tooth loose just to get all the coins from the Tooth Fairy!

So I wanted to just post a tutorial from one of my favorite spots: Purlbee!
Here's a great and colorful way to help the Tooth Fairy find that loose tooth - and also a great way to keep all those coins, as well.

Here's the finished pieces (above) and they are just so darn cute that I just can't believe it!
So simple to make as well. It's a truly easy project, no sewing machine is even required; just a few stitches here and there and it's done!

Below, are a few photos from the complete tutorial at Just click on the links provided and see the entire post.
They even provide the template for the tooth pattern as well.
I just adore that site and I'm sure you will, too!

Personally, I hope the kids don't start pulling out their teeth like I did... I'm trying to buy some time to get all my felt supplies to make a few of these bags!
This is such a wonderful idea for pre-schoolers and you know, keeping the design simple is good, but if you lived in my house, you'd know that we'd have to jazzy up the bag with a bit of Fairy Dust. :D

Happy Crafting!

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