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Monday, April 19, 2010

Team Tuesday: EtsyNJ Team Blog Hop

"I love simple, classic beach decor. Whites and neutrals fill a room so you can sit back and enjoy the brightest blue ocean view imaginable (I'm dreaming again, I don't live with an ocean view).
And as much as I love the beach, of course I love my little guy even more. He is constant inspiration to me. He is my lucky charm when searching for sea glass and he is my sunshine on rainy days." This is just a portion of the profile of our Tuesday Team Blog Shoppe: Beachchik.

And I have to say, "I love her and her designs!"

Beach Life- Canvas: 8 x 24 inch Hand Painted Canvas
Made to Order with your choice of colors to match your decor.
Kitchens, Bathrooms, living room and comfortable cottage shic cozy bedrooms...
(above & below)

Letter Canvases- Classic: Set of 3- 6x6 Inch Canvases, Handpainted and Sealed
Choose your Style, Choose your Colors, Choose your letters.
For the love of your life or to be given as gift...engagement, bridal shower, wedding, anniversary, birthday, just because, house warming.. (above)

Thank You Totes for your Hotel Guests: Having a Destination Wedding or do you have a handful of friends and family traveling to your Wedding?
Say Thank You and Welcome with these Custom Totes.
...To be left in each Guests hotel room, either rolled up or filled with some pretzels, bottles water, a map of the local area...your guests will have a Useable token of the appreciation you feel for their kindness in traveling to celebrate You!
(above & below)

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Etsy Twitter Team ~ Great Mother's Day Items

Every week, the Etsy Twitter Team chooses a Shop of the Week ~ one of our wonderful members is showcased & interviewed, for all to get to know us!

As I checked out the SOTW's for the past month, I found a few items
to showcase here at From Nancy's Heart, for Mother's Day.
It is approaching and you don't want to be caught short for this most special day.

"One-of-a-kind fused glass jewelry created to help customers express their true personality. What ever your personalily type ... bold, sassy, modern, classic, sporty, edgy, daring, elegant, trendy, or unique. We have a beautiful pendant just for you."

Pink Accents - Fused glass drop earrings ~ Layers of pink accents are fused on a white glass base. Each piece measures approximately 1/2" square (1.3 cm) without bail.
Such a lovely pair of earrings and pair them with this terrific pendant...

Somebody Loves You - Fused glass pendant ~ A lovely white tear drop pendant with subtle pink accents.

Shop of the Week (April 5~11th) ~ Purple Lemon Designs:

Her custom products are designed to complement her customer's personality. Kelly says, "When using my products, I like for my customers to feel as if they are sending a stamp imprint or piece of stationery that reflects them." Customer satisfaction is what drives her: "When I create a stationery or stamp design that my client loves and feels is perfect for their everyday needs, wedding day or other special event, that makes all the hard work worth it."

Small Customized Flowery Bookplate Rubber Stamp ~ This 1" x 1" stamp is perfect for the avid reader. Be sure to get those books you lend back from friends by marking them with your own personalized rubber stamp.

To me, this is a Fabulously unique gift for any Mom, Sister, G-mom or Special Gal in your life; especially if she's the type of gal, like me, who's quickly building her own library!

Shop of the Week (March 29th ~ April 4th) ~ Pretty Cheap:

"I am the Frugal Artisan making many different kinds of beautiful bargains! Look in my shop for classic timeless jewelry designs in precious metal, natural stone, and pearls as well as richly colored original photo cards, pressed flower stationary, and embroidery and needlework cards (all very time honored classic crafts)."

Hard Cover Journal - Silk Stripe ~ Nicely proportioned slim blank journal suitable for sketches, notes, or diary. Silk upholstery fabric in two-toned stripe used on the front and back covers. Wonderful to hold and touch. An eco-choice.

I have to say, that I just love this item and if you have anyone in your life who either Journals, Sketches, Exercises or just likes jotting notes down... this is such a lovely gift.

Shop of the week (March 22 ~ 28th) ~ Mrs Kwitty's Cottage (Misseskwittys):

Her shop offers a variety of handmade cottage style items in fabric and paper, which she is delighted to ship domestically or internationally. Her attitude about her work shows clearly. "I just love to make things with my hands---pretty, colorful things. I love to get an idea in my head, go down to my studio and pick out some pretty fabrics or papers, and then allow that thought to become something you can actually hold in your hand!

Prettiful Purple Keychain Snap Wallet --a pretty little place to keep all your cards ~ These are the handiest little things!! It's a card wallet/keychain. The snap wallet is the perfect size for your driver's license, ID, bus card, your debit card, and maybe even a few bucks. There is a keyring attached to it--so you can keep your driver's license and keys in the same place! Don't leave home without it.

So many marvelous items from our Shops of the Week!!

From April 15-22, 2010, the Etsy Twitter authority for online and handmade products, will be offering a multitude of green handcrafted products, tips, and ideas at

Members of the Etsy Twitter Team will offer giveaway prizes, discounts and eco-friendly tips on ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in creating handmade items and shipping them.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Orange you glad for days like this.

Sunny Days...

Today was such a lovely day... rarely do I wake with a happiness that makes me sing (especially that early in the morning!); yet, today, was that day.

So off I went to do my daily errands ~
First, go see my most favorite hair stylist, Tonia ~
What a lovely gal, Tonia, and I believe that she will have me on roller skates before the summertime ends ~ with a wonderful hair cut!

After a lovely cup of tea with my friend, off I went through the park, spotting some sweet dolls peeking out among the blooms. My favorite shoppe is just around the corner ~ where the dollies were pointing the way.

Mr. Angelo's grocery store...
All his veggies are so bright and fresh. I just love the smells of all the fruits and baked goods there! There are times, I just hang around chatting with Mr. Angelo just to soak in the cheery atmosphere of his grocery shoppe!

I was swept away by all the wonderful colors that I found in the grocery store. Thank goodness I had a great friend with me who had a camera phone! So many sunny colors on this sunny day! Perhaps one day I will purchase the "spiny melon", first, I have to stop laughing every time I say the name ~

So, I made my way back home...
while looking at the bounty I purchased today, I gathered together items in the craft room that would match all the wonderful colors I saw during my walk.
I recently did an interview, where I was asked where I found my inspiration ~ believe it, I really didn't have a clue; yet as I walked through the city, I found spots of vibrant colors that just made their mark in my brain!
Thanks Tonia & Mr. Angelo for making my day special!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Team Tuesday: EtsyNJ Team Blog Hop

"Armed with 2 sticks and some fashion sense I set out to create unique and different knitted items. I am a passionate about color, so I use many different colors in my work~~something for everyone~~ " This is a quote from our Team Blog Shoppe owner for this newest edition of Team Blog Hop Tuesday!

I have to say, these wonderful pieces aren't just "fashionable" they are wearable art work with fabulous details. The Bohemian Bride Upcycled shawl (pictured above) "This beautiful upcycled ivory bridal shawl was inspired by Happiknits love of Somerset magazines, Belle Armoire and Altered Couture. Her spring 2010 line is a collection of eco-friendly pieces. This shawl is made with 100% recycled materials. Collected and revived, found during many early morning weekend trips to the local markets."

"Growing up 5 minutes from the beach and having a grandmother who had a beach house, Happiknits spent most of her life either on sand or in the ocean. This piece was inspired by her grandmother's beach house which was in the family for several generations."
I, personally, adore all the special touches that are included with this lariat that sets it apart from anything store bought.

"This piece includes 2 seperate lariats, they can be worn together for a true burst of gorgeous color or seperate for a focal piece. The first lariat is handknit in a super soft acrylic mix yarn in a stunning shade of orange. At each end of the lariat is a knit leaf. Handsewn onto each leaf is a felted leaf in a pale yellow shade."

Happiknits is have a wonderful SPRING SALE ~ so stop by and check out all her wonderful items! Stop by and see what inspires Happiknits at http://www.happiknits.blogspot

Sunday, April 11, 2010

You gotta have friends...

Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty. ~Sicilian Proverb

I wanted to share a wonderful gifty surprise I received from a terrific email pal, Carrie!
My girl just LOVES her Easter!! And she was so very thoughtful with sending me a sweetie bunny of my own!
Let me tell you, my little Pinkie, that's what I named her ~ was already getting into mischief! Seeing the trim on the table, she just had to start playing.

From this Sicilian girl to all my friends ~
I'll always be there no matter what!
And again, thanks dollie, you're the best!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Team Tuesday: EtsyNJ Team Blog Hop

Well, I've gotten the news from the doctor ~ I am now a major food allergy sufferer. So as Easter came and went ~ I had to say "goodbye" to my jellybelly's and "so long" to you hollow milk chocolate Easter Bunny.

But wait, here on the horizon is a wonderful light and oh so delicious goodies ~ The Cupcake Mint!
The Cupcake Mint specializes in cakes & cookies with a conscience for the health of ourselves, our environment, & those without a voice.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Vegan Cupcakes (All that yumminess just shows in this photo!)

"I am sure you'll enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed creating them over the years with my family and friends. I am a strict vegan and do not bake with eggs, milk, or honey. You can be assured that all goods are carefully handmade in a clean dairy free kitchen," says shoppe owner, Shannon.

Wow! Just check out these fabulous cookies!

Chewy oatmeal raisin spice cookies with a thicker version of delicious classic vanilla buttercream icing generously sandwiched between them. This combo is sweet as heaven & devilishly delicious.

Obviously, you don't have to be Vegan to enjoy these wonderful creations!

Amaretto flavored cake with fluffy lemon buttercream make these cupcakes the perfect sweet conclusion to a meal or the perfect accompaniment to any tea gathering.

I am now embracing a new way of thinking and eating ~ Thanks Shannon for making the world so much sweeter and healthier!

To contact Shannon at The Cupcake Mint:
Twitter: @thecupcakemint
Facebook: search for her fan page ~ "The Cupcake Mint"

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