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Monday, December 28, 2009

Winner Announcement!

So sorry everyone...
I've been a bit under the weather and haven't yet be able to pick a winner.

I will be posting pictures of the "official" picking of the winner -
in the next few days; and the winner will be
notified via email.

Thanks so much for your consideration!! :D

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Welcome Fancy Nancy!!

Well here it is, Christmas Eve, can you believe it?
I certainly can't believe that an entire year has already passed... incredible!

And here's another entry in our Ornament Contest - our next contestant is - Nancy!
Hey ladies, she may have an edge because I just dig her name!!

Nancy also has an Etsy Shoppe, Scoopiloo, where she makes simply wonderful items.
Here's her most recent purchase, our Sugarie Delights ornament. It is for her simply cute as a button daughter; who's favorite color is... purple!

You know Nanc, I liking that tree next to my snowman... it's just too cute!

I could be mistaken but I think this was the first ornament that Nancy purchased last year!
This cute little girl can't compare to the cutie it was made for!!

Not everyone is willing to place a guard dog up to protect my ornaments, but my gal Nancy will do whatever it takes to make sure they remain safe and sound!! :D

Here are just a few items that can be found at Nancy's shoppe, Scoopiloo:
Check back after the holidays when she's back from vacation.

8 cute stems with buttons adorned on the end.....
colors of pink, yellow, orange and white...and red too.

A pretty flower - with pink and yellow/gold and brown adorn this wooden scrabble tile. The tile measures: 3/4" x 3/4"
The ball chain (comes with) measures 20" in length.

Stop by her shoppe and say, "hi!"

Time's Running out and we have another Contestant!

It's so wonderful to get pictures from all over the country!

Here's another sensational contestant - Jen!
And though she's far from the snow here in New Jersy, Jen still is showing her snowy seasonal side with her lovely tree!!

Check out all the snowmen on this baby!

She even has the infamous "Snowflake"... you know I'm going to have to post photos of that memorial event soon!!

You never know Jen, you many get many more ornaments in the mail!!

Hey everyone!! There's still a day or two to enter... so just email that picture to me -
And it can still be entered to win a wonderful box of "Peppermint Village" ornaments!

I can't say now, but our esteemed, jolly, judge will be picking the winner after a long day & evening working... so keep an eye or two out for the announcement!
And thanks again for all those who entered! :D

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Joyful Joanna's Entry

Our next entry is from Joanna and she is just so Joyful during this
Christmas Season!

The kindness in her heart is so warming and to see her tree just makes
me so proud.
I never realized how everyone decorates with my little creations.

Here's a full length picture of her tree and boy Joanna, it sure looks full!

And here's a close up of the same tree and wow, the snowmen are so
abundant! So even if it's warm outside, she still feels the joy
of building a snowman in her own home!!

Thanks Joanna, for sending us your pictures and I'm wishing you good luck!! :D

Remember, there are still a few days left to enter our Ornament Contest!
Just email me your pictures to by December 24th, 2009!

Creative Colleen....

One of many entries by Colleen. Here's her main tree...

Geez, Colleen, this is just wonderful to see all these ornaments!
How tall is that tree anyway?

It seems that Colleen also has an auxiliary tree as well!
And it seems that on the day the picture was taken, their Elf on the Shelf was hanging out on the tree!!
I hope he tells Santa how good I've been all year!! :D

Every great designer has collections... ;D well, so does From Nancy's Heart
and there was a time when we did a whole Sweater Collection and
it's one of Colleen's favorites.
You know, they are really quite neat!

And of course, the REAL reason we all celebrate the Christmas Holiday...

Thanks Colleen for your submissions!! They are terrific pictures. :D

Back to Business...

Here's Katie...

Ok, I did wait for this one; because, today is Katie's Birthday and thought it would be a nice idea to post her entries today.

Wow! You may need another tree!! That's so touching that this tree is just filled to the brim!

The top view of the tree. Very nice.

Another close-up. So special. Katie, thanks so much for all your support.
Good Luck and Happy Birthday!

Peaceful Blizzard!

Here's just a Peaceful Interlude...

Actually the only time I think the house looked so calm!

Dust and here's the sidewalk, boy how lucky am I to have a neighbor with a snow blower!!
Just a lovely sight.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fabulous Fran's Tree of Ornaments!

Wow, here's Fabulous Fran's entry - her simply wonderful tree!

And with these photos, Fran is now entered in the From Nancy's Heart ornament contest- 
Here's how you do it.
If you have purchased any ornament from us, please take a photo of it on your tree and it will be posted here on my blog.

Once I receive the picture or pictures, you are entered and you have an opportunity to win a prize pack of From Nancy's Heart's ornaments!!
Deadline is December 24th; email them to me -
Good Luck!

I just love your tree Fran, is it a Douglas Fir?
They seem to last the longest.

Really nice Fran!  I see one of my favorites - the Peppermint twist ornament I made last year!

Thanks so much for your entry, Fran.  Just a wonderful set of pictures!
Here's wishing you all the best in the contest.  :D

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here's yet another contestant!!

So, now the Christmas/Holiday rush is on and I've gotten all caught up in it!!
Here are the next few contest entries...

Here's our Next Contestant... Michelle!

Wow weee Michelle, that's some tree, and I am honored to be 
a part of the holiday at your house.

I have to say, I can't believe how many ornaments there are on your tree that I've made Michelle!   Thanks for all the props!!  :D

Oh no, here's that darn Snowflake again!!  Why did I think it was a good idea at the time?!

This is a wonderful tree Michelle, I hope you and the family enjoyed decorating it and I'm so thrilled to be a part of your family decorating!! :D

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hey there, contestant #3!

And the pictures keep rolling in!  
Thanks again to everyone, it's really terrific to see all these pictures.

Ok, here's our next contestant, Brenda... and she has sent in 6 pictures of some of her favorite ornaments.

Brenda has told me that the above Snowflake ornament is her favorite.  It's a old one isn't it Brenda?  I remember this guy really well - the year 2000!!  But you know I think he's missing his nose or perhaps a light bulb???  :D

Oh wow, what a blast from the past!!  I Love doing these girls!!  I remember their yarn hair!  I think I may still have some in the workshop!!   I think that was before my decade of Glitter started!! 

Well here's Mr. Flamingo just hanging out...

And, what's this?  Oh my goodness, these babies must be over 12 years old!!! 
That Angel was one of my first ornaments ever; wow, how amazing!

Ahhh, and here's a more recent snowman, so cute in pink!

Well, I have to say, looking at these pictures is really making me feel quite old - but you know I was only 10 years old when I started!!  I wish!!
Thanks so much Brenda for sharing your ornaments with us... And now, she is entered in our Ornament Contest....

How you ask?  Well, all she did was send me photos of my ornaments hanging on her Christmas tree.  The deadline for entry is December 24th, 2009; and you will win a lovely grouping of my "Peppermint Village" ornaments.
Remember, send in those pictures to:

Thanks, and Good Luck!! :D

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Contestant #2, Please Stand Up

Well, our terrific ornament contest is off to a great start!

I have to thank all the wonderful people who have responded.

Here's contestant #2 - Lisa, please stand up!!  
She has given me some of the greatest compliments - she went out to buy a second tree just to hold her collection!!  Wow!  Thanks so much Lis.

Lisa also makes jewelry and will sooooooon have her own Etsy shoppe, right Lisa??!! :D

This is a great start and just remember, send those photos, (they must be ornaments made by From Nancy's Heart, on your Christmas tree) to my email address -

Closing Date will be December 24th!! 

First Contestant - Jamie of Bella Fiore

To get the Contest Started:

Here's a picture sent to us by Jamie of  Bella Fiore - 

Jamie also has an Etsy shoppe:
She's wonderfully creative and makes sensational headbands - great for your next Holiday Party!!   Below are a few of the items in her shoppe!!

Good Luck, Jamie!!  :D

Monday, December 7, 2009


The past few weeks, it's been "Craft Show Mania!" and during each show, I've been blessed to hear from my customers, "You should see my tree, it's filled with all your ornaments!" 
How lucky am I?  My work, has been touching so many for over 20 years and I hope for 20 more!!

After hearing so many customers saying the same comment, we decided to actually see some of these ornaments that have graced hundreds of Christmas trees and Wreaths!

So show us your Ornament Pictures.  Send along your photos of our ornaments on your Christmas trees to  They will be posted on this blog and judged by our most honored judges.

Entries starting today, December 8th, 2009 through December 24th, 2009 will be considered for our Grand Prize - a Prize pack of 5 "Peppermint Village" ornaments!   We will post your photo and first name; but we will need your email address to contact you, in case you are our winner.

This prize pack will include a few of the lovly "Peppermint Village" items below
It's our way of saying, "thank you" to all our wonderful customers.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Crafting Hungry!

With the Holiday Season upon us, I've been creating new ornaments as I usually do...
but this year, I've seeing snowmen in all sorts of things, especially...


Here's Vanilla Vern.  He's just so happy that the weather outside is frightful; that way he can spend more of his time out and about rather than inside the freezer.  
The little man that turns the light inside the freezer isn't as friendly as some people may think!

Catie Cupcake is all frilly and shiny, and is so happy that it's hip to be glittery!
This season, she put on her best pompoms and is just so excited to be partying this weekend.

Little Sparklin Sammie is just trying to be good so that Santa brings him everything on his wish list.  I think that includes some new sprinkles, and I think a new cherry topping!
Boy, there's so much to wish for this season!!

I have to stop thinking about food and start crafting once again!
Everyone have a great holiday weekend.
I'm Thankful for all my pals!  Be Safe.  :D

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winter Peppermint Adventure!

It's a Marshmellow World in the Winter.... 

Those are some of the words in one of my favorite Christmas songs.  Ah, Dean Martin.  Just brings back so many memories.  Dean Martin playing on the stereo, the Christmas Tree spinning around on it's revolving stand - and I just can not believe it's time to start thinking about it all over again.

At the Etsy Shoppe, November 1st will be the release of some new ornaments, and it will be a Winter Peppermint Adventure!
Below are just a few offerings that will be available for a limited time.

What a wonderful Welcome into the Peppermint Village!!
Here's Frosty just peeking around the candy waiting for you to stop or should I say shop on by!!  The sign on top can be personalized; making yours a "one of a kind".

Peek a Boo, I Love You!
With all that's going on in the world this year, we all need a little more Love and Versatility!
This wonderful piece can go up for Christmas and Stay around until Valentine's Day!
That certainly makes me smile.

Just call him, Pep ' O Stick!
Here's just one more member of the Peppermint Village!
This fellow just loves to hang around and tassel with the other neighbors in the village!
With a heart warming smile and all that peppermint accent, he too is a winner for the two holiday award!

So remember to circle NOVEMBER 1st on the Calendar and get ready for some peppermint twist.  :D

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October is Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

For my part, I am donating money earned from the sale of my Little Cherry Girl (left) to the 
Susan G. Komen Foundation.

This Cherry Girl is made from one of my most favorite
 Cherry inspired fabric from my 
local quilting shoppe.

She's perfect for Any Special Gal that you know -
Especially, when you know what her "pinkness" 

Please, this month, pester, nag, annoy every female in your
life to get a mammogram.  :D 

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Colors of Fall

Ok, Fall has officially arrived.  
I type this as the temperature has brought us back to those of the summer!!

But I must admit that it is a very colorful time.  
As I was walking around my neighborhood, seeing the pumpkins and mums out on the doorsteps; the festive atmosphere is starting to build for the winter holidays.

Did I say winter?  Nooooo!  Not yet!  
Being a creative person, I must think so far ahead to keep up with all the festivities that are soon to arrive.

Here are just a few items that I've chose to feature here, that I currently have listed at my Etsy Shoppe!

Leaves Abound with this wonderful wreath ornament.  It's so unique and I just love making it with the terrific color combinations!

Wonderful jeweled colored lolli's are the next item featured!  They are glazed to a perfect shine for the wonderful fall wreath or even if you dare... tree!!
They were a custom order for a customer... I loved them so much I decided to make another set and name them after her... so here are Carrie's Delights!

Here's Candy!
Yes, as you can see she's holding her favorite fall veggie, Candy Corn!!  But Candy also has a wonderful friend with her, Jeffrey.  He's trained and a perfect companion!

Coming over the weekend... a great Bouquet that GLOWs in the DARK!!
Do you dare??!!  :D

Sunday, August 30, 2009

End of Summer Vacation

I find myself in a very fortunate position - enjoying the last "un-official" days of summer, sunning by the ocean; listening to the crashing waves.
Today, my sister asked (mind you as we were both sitting on the beach), "why do people just sit and watch the ocean, like it's a tv?"
I told her, "I don't know, Jo. All I know is that I do it and it's just an amazing show."

To me it's heaven. How many of us have this same sort of feeling watching something of meaning in our lives. What is yours? Let me know. I would be very interested!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Tweet Etsy Team Shoppe - Herban Lifestyle!

Last week, I was one of the limited group that was chosen to be a Team Member of 
Etsy Twitter Team and what a warm, wonderful group they are, too!
Today, I want to introduce you to Mary of HerbanLifestyle!

Here's a woman after my own heart!  She walks the walk and to me that reflects a spirit that is as fluid as water!  Mary, a wellness consultant and Reiki practitioner, has developed her own line of new herbal bath and body products - with that FABULOUS name, Herban Lifestyle!

What first struck me about Herban Lifestyle, is Mary's dedication to using high quality, organic ingredients; along with her earth friendly packaging... it has such a clean and fresh look that I just adore.
Secondly, her prices are WONDERFUL!  
The Soak on it Bath Salts (above) contains yummy smelling bath salts along with lavender, to give your soak that calm that we all need at the end of our busy days.

Tell me, where else can you get smooth, moist lips while indulging yourself with the scent of Chocolate Peppermint?  Well at Herbal Lifestyle!  Check out this CALORIE FREE way of having your Chocolate Mint, while having your lips as kissable as Angelina - and get this... the price is ONLY $5.00!

Herban Lifestyle also has gift packs and check out this wonderful grouping (above) - It's the Herban Lifestyle Organic Baby Gift Set!  
What a terrific way to Welcome that new little person into the world than with some oils, talc free powder and of course some diaper rash cream!!  We call know that one!! :D
Wonderful way to tell that New Mommy that we care both about her and her little one!

Let me say just one more thing about that Mary!  She wanted me to promote my Onsey of a Kind Ornament/Personalized tag along with her baby grouping.
But she's right!  They do look great together, and won't everyone at the shower be jealous of you when you show up with this gift combo!!  :D

Please, Check out Herban Lifestyle at her Etsy Shoppe.  But don't stop there... She has an informative Blog where you can learn the in's and out's of great care for both our bodies and souls.
Find Mary at the following:

or Tweet her at:
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