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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hey there, contestant #3!

And the pictures keep rolling in!  
Thanks again to everyone, it's really terrific to see all these pictures.

Ok, here's our next contestant, Brenda... and she has sent in 6 pictures of some of her favorite ornaments.

Brenda has told me that the above Snowflake ornament is her favorite.  It's a old one isn't it Brenda?  I remember this guy really well - the year 2000!!  But you know I think he's missing his nose or perhaps a light bulb???  :D

Oh wow, what a blast from the past!!  I Love doing these girls!!  I remember their yarn hair!  I think I may still have some in the workshop!!   I think that was before my decade of Glitter started!! 

Well here's Mr. Flamingo just hanging out...

And, what's this?  Oh my goodness, these babies must be over 12 years old!!! 
That Angel was one of my first ornaments ever; wow, how amazing!

Ahhh, and here's a more recent snowman, so cute in pink!

Well, I have to say, looking at these pictures is really making me feel quite old - but you know I was only 10 years old when I started!!  I wish!!
Thanks so much Brenda for sharing your ornaments with us... And now, she is entered in our Ornament Contest....

How you ask?  Well, all she did was send me photos of my ornaments hanging on her Christmas tree.  The deadline for entry is December 24th, 2009; and you will win a lovely grouping of my "Peppermint Village" ornaments.
Remember, send in those pictures to:

Thanks, and Good Luck!! :D

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