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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time's Running out and we have another Contestant!

It's so wonderful to get pictures from all over the country!

Here's another sensational contestant - Jen!
And though she's far from the snow here in New Jersy, Jen still is showing her snowy seasonal side with her lovely tree!!

Check out all the snowmen on this baby!

She even has the infamous "Snowflake"... you know I'm going to have to post photos of that memorial event soon!!

You never know Jen, you many get many more ornaments in the mail!!

Hey everyone!! There's still a day or two to enter... so just email that picture to me -
And it can still be entered to win a wonderful box of "Peppermint Village" ornaments!

I can't say now, but our esteemed, jolly, judge will be picking the winner after a long day & evening working... so keep an eye or two out for the announcement!
And thanks again for all those who entered! :D

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