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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Creative Colleen....

One of many entries by Colleen. Here's her main tree...

Geez, Colleen, this is just wonderful to see all these ornaments!
How tall is that tree anyway?

It seems that Colleen also has an auxiliary tree as well!
And it seems that on the day the picture was taken, their Elf on the Shelf was hanging out on the tree!!
I hope he tells Santa how good I've been all year!! :D

Every great designer has collections... ;D well, so does From Nancy's Heart
and there was a time when we did a whole Sweater Collection and
it's one of Colleen's favorites.
You know, they are really quite neat!

And of course, the REAL reason we all celebrate the Christmas Holiday...

Thanks Colleen for your submissions!! They are terrific pictures. :D

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