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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine's Day Came a bit Early...

This is a lovely gift from my Etsy/Flickr Pal, Thinkoutsidethebox.

I placed a special Valentine's Day order with her and when my order arrived today, I was surprised with a special heart pin (in a Hello Kitty bag).  It's a wonderful surprise that totally brightened my day.
Thank you so very much.  Later, I will post those lovely items that I purchased.  I'm not doing it now, because it will spoil the Valentine's Day surprise!

Behind the Heart Pin are some faux cupcakes I purchased from another of my Etsy fav's, CreativeAbubot.  They are the cutest cupcake ornaments that I have sitting on a cake dish; and I thought they were the perfect backdrop for my cute pin.  
By the way, those cupcakes were to be Christmas gifts, but I just adored them so much, I decided I'd keep them for myself.  Terrible, aren't I?!  
I just plan to keep them out all year.  Perhaps even use them in my Valentine's Day Blog party!  

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Crochet Madness!

             As orders slow, I'm starting a new obsession, crocheting.  
I have a fondness for it from my Grandmother.  She would sit and crochet all the time.  When I was born, figuring she wouldn't be around for my wedding... she made me a set of dollies and a tablecloth.  Sadly she was right, I was 13 when she passed but I have these lovely memories and amazing work-womanship to forever cherish.
So, I picked up one of her needles and started to make granny squares and that has now led to these flowery puffs.  I love the colors.  I keep making them, all sizes and a rainbow of colors; now, what to do with them.  
I, originally thought, that I would make them into brooches or decorative flowers to attach to all my fabric pocketbooks.  I've developed a thing for all the Vera Bradley line.  Thanks a lot Pammie!  
But now I'm getting crazy with crocheting and keep making them and they are starting to accumulate like bunnies mating!! 
I did post them on flickr and thanks ittybittybirdie for the great suggestions!  
Any ideas, I always open for suggestions!  

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Welcome Bunny" featured in Somerset Studio Spring Ad

Here's just a few larger pictures of the "Welcome Bunny" featured in the Somerset Studio Spring 2009/ "Marie Vol. 1"

This is a terrific piece for someone who loves Bunnies!  Perfect gift for Easter; or just a lovely "secret pal" gift for Springtime. 

I never decorate the same from season to season, year to year; so, this fella has spent some quality time decorating a wreath; the outside of a candle jar and for the summer, he was even rather attached to a large antique grater.  ( Next time, I'm gonna have to share the picture of that; because, I have an electric candle hidden in the grater and the Bunny just on the outside with a big checkered bow.) He has moved around the house several times already and I'll never know where he'll end up next!  

So the versatility of this piece is as endless as a person's imagination!  

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All Dolled Up and Ready to Go!

Here's Emily.  Here's her dress for the All Dolled Up party event!   She just LOVES satin and lace and tries to wear it everyday.  That gets kinda messy when she eats macaroni with sauce! Actually, she's ready for the party, NOW.  Her hair has that really sweet rose in it and boy was it difficult to get her to sit still.  We have some squirmy wormies in our family and she's just another one.   But get this... this one wants a... tiara!   You know, I'll go out and get her one, because she's just so cute.  

Valentine's Day Party!!

Well, everyone here is just getting ready for their Valentine's party... 
It's the BLOG Party for Valentine's Day for our venue at the LolliShops.  It's hosted by both LolliShops and Itty Bitty Birdy.  There's going to be a great contest, so you really don't want to miss it. 
Check it out at:

Here's my Rebecca Ann posing for a picture sitting at her table.  She's got her party hat on and her little pet bunnies with her (it's a security thing, she doesn't go anywhere without them!).
She's got her Mom-mom's pin on and now has me going all around town looking for a boa-very pink, and very feathery.  She's just HAS to have it! 
Just wanted to show everyone the prep-work we are doing here at From Nancy's Heart!

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