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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine's Day Came a bit Early...

This is a lovely gift from my Etsy/Flickr Pal, Thinkoutsidethebox.

I placed a special Valentine's Day order with her and when my order arrived today, I was surprised with a special heart pin (in a Hello Kitty bag).  It's a wonderful surprise that totally brightened my day.
Thank you so very much.  Later, I will post those lovely items that I purchased.  I'm not doing it now, because it will spoil the Valentine's Day surprise!

Behind the Heart Pin are some faux cupcakes I purchased from another of my Etsy fav's, CreativeAbubot.  They are the cutest cupcake ornaments that I have sitting on a cake dish; and I thought they were the perfect backdrop for my cute pin.  
By the way, those cupcakes were to be Christmas gifts, but I just adored them so much, I decided I'd keep them for myself.  Terrible, aren't I?!  
I just plan to keep them out all year.  Perhaps even use them in my Valentine's Day Blog party!  

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  1. WOW Nancy!! I am utterly speechless and just blown away by your kind and thoughtful nature. You really did not need to go to these lengths over this pin! It is quite evident to me and I'm certain to all that know you, that you truly are a wonderful person deserving of many special pins and gifts. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you on your top secret and special Valentine's Day gifts. That alone shows how special you be thinking of those you hold dear and love so want to give them such a loving sentiment! Thank you so very much for everything and especially for being who you are. I am blessed to have found you and so happy to call you my new friend!

  2. Greetings Nancy,

    and let confirm that Rachel is an amazing person and I adorable little pin a made for you and I see that you're very appreciative. Your blog is neat and I love your art.

    Rachel offering a personalized heart giveaway on craft gossip and I hope you can get the word out and you and all your readers can join in. Click on the following link and go to comment area:

    warm regards,

    Linda Lanese-craft gossip-felting


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