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Monday, May 24, 2010

Team Tuesday: EtsyNJ Team Blog Hop

Every Tuesday, EtsyNJ Team sponsors a Blog Hop to showcase our wonderful team members; this week, I chose

Many of my family members are much older, so emails and tweets really don't work for them; however, they all just love going to their mailboxes and finding that card.
When I was in college, everyday ~ literally, everyday, I received a letter or card from one of these wonderful people members so now I do the same for them...
And I would find it an honor to send them any one of these wonderful creations by AJK Artistry!

All cards are created and design originals from AJK Artistry ~
from Birthday Celebrations to Wedding Celebrations; and even some Angry Break up cards (I could have used one of those years ago!! :D ); you have an occasion, that artist has a card
or even can make one especially for you~

Dad Rocks Birthday Card (Red) ~ Do you have a Rock n Roll Dad? Here's the card for him...

Crafted of heavyweight recycled white card stock with detailed layered paper adornments on the front and Happy Birthday inside. But I'm sure if you asked, AJK Artistry would make this into the BEST Father's Day card!

Pirate Ship Birthday Card ~ Hey there matey! Who doesn't know of a little boy who's into Pirates? I know several!! This is just a terrific way of sailing a ship to their home!!

Birthday Cupcakes Card ~ These wonderful, calorie free sparkly cupcake card is crafted of heavy weight recycled ivory card stock with terrific dimensional cupcakes! YUM!

I have to say, this card is saying my name... I just adore the Sparkly Love Card! I believe it's all the sparkles...

Perfect for any romantic occasion, this handcrafted card is just LOVE-ly with sparkly 3-D letters, and is blank inside for you to write whatever your heart desires!!

Her Website:

Her Blog:



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Make a Beaded Chandelier by Heather

Lately, at my house, everything is turned topsy turvy ~ and upside down...
I've had the terrific idea of making my sitting room, the dining room ~ and making the very small dining room into a cozy sitting room.
My dining room was always way too small to have more than 3 people at the table; however, my living room was nicely decorated but never used and 4 feet wider than the dining room ~ so, BING, I get this idea ~

I was lucky enough to know an electrician who put up a chandelier for me in my "NEW DINING ROOM" ~ now it's paint colors I'm choosing and boy do I love the colors I can choose from ~

But now, there's that pesky hole in the ceiling where the old chandelier use to be and I was checking on line for some ideas ~ and here's this terrific one for indoor or even out!

This is her story: "For months I had been trying to find a good base for a chandelier at the dollar store, and it wasn't until my three year-old son called the wire baskets a "chandelier" that it clicked."
"A few months ago, Dollar Tree started selling their seasonal gardening stuff, including hanging wire baskets (and yes, they were only a dollar!)"

Hanging wire basket, $1
6 packages of Mardi Gras-style metallic beads (about 48 necklaces), $6
Light gauge wire (floral wire will work), $1
Spray paint, $1
Wire cutters, on hand or $1
Hot glue gun & sticks, on hand
Additional embellishments, as desired

Total: $9 and up

"Attaching the bead necklaces together: As you wire your chandelier, you will hot glue one end of the necklace to the end of the next necklace. I recommend doing this as you go to keep everything nice and neat (and untangled). Remember to be careful when handling the hot glue!"

Wiring the bottom of the chandelier:

"Take your first necklace, and a piece of wire. Wrap the wire securely around the thread between the first two beads and twist around once or twice to make sure the wire won't come apart from the necklace. Then wire the necklace to the top of the wire basket form. Wrap the wire around the basket securely, and twist at least twice to make sure it's secure. Leave the end of the wire long for now."

As an aside, Heather does suggest that you spray paint your necklaces first to get an even coverage...
For me, I think I would still try after, because, knowing how I work, I would end up scratching off the coverage.

Again, the ENTIRE tutorial is located at this link at the Dollar Store Crafts website.

"Of course, these baskets are great bases for any kind of chandelier you can imagine! You might have a little trouble finding them at your dollar store now (they sell out quickly), but you can get them for about $5 at your local big-box store. I know that's not as great a price as $1, but it's still pretty cheap for a great chandelier base. The dollar store also has wire baskets that will work decently for chandelier bases. Try those and let me know how they work out for you!"

This was such a terrific idea ~ and I'm going to try one out and use it outside with some small votive candles!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Team Tuesday: EtsyNJ Team Blog Hop

Brighten your Event with Creativity!

Every Tuesday, EtsyNJ Team sponsors a Blog Hop to showcase our wonderful team members; this week, I chose Happy Hound Creative.

Spring is here, flowers are blooming, and spring cleaning is completed (yeah!) ~ it's a perfect time to show off those blooms and your newly cleaned house. Why not invite a group of your friends for a small Tea Party?
So you get out your address book or start to text your invite ~ but wait, didn't you just read a blog post about this fabulous company on Etsy who creates personalized invites?

Start the party off right from the invitation! How much fun would it be receiving such a sweet invitation ~ Tea Cup Shaped Party Invitation - with Pocket for tea. Tea cup shaped invitation with a pocket to include a nice packet of tea for your guests. Tea packet is included and you can choose from a variety of flavors!

Happy Hound Creative also offers various choices of colors and patterns for your invitations ~ just let her know!
This is also a wonderful idea for your Bride to Be (see below invitation)...
I can see the party starting now...

Babies ~ The Moving Invitation ~

The Baby Onesy is a FAVORITE design of mine and I just adore what Happy Hound Creative did with this classic!
The image above is a Onesie Thank You Cards - Baseball; however, if you are looking for invitations, our creative shoppe owner will create whatever your heart desires!

I just love the photo below, with the terrific look of having the Onesies all lined up in a row... what a great look for a shower for seating assignments!! (Not that anyone actually stays in their seats ~ well, at least not in my family!)

Let's never forget our Littlest Princess either!

Onesie shaped Baby Shower invitations with Cute Peach Butterfly and matching Thank You Cards! The butterfly on the front pops off the paper.

Just a few of the Sweet Designs from Happy Hound Creative ~
Find Happy Hound Creative on facebook and become a fan:

Read Happy Hound Creative blog:

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Own Personal Celebration!

For my nephew and myself, the 5th of May was and still is a fun time ~ with it being the midpoint between both our birthdays, there has been many times that Cinco de Mayo was our Birthday celebration. So for us, it became a little joke. When the postal stamp (above) was in use, we sent birthday cards using the stamp plus, adding more stamps on the envelope just for fun.

So from our crazy, fun loving family to yours ~ I wish you celebration, love, peace and independence... with a bit of Flan & of course a good drink!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Team Tuesday: EtsyNJ Team Blog Hop

I must admit, I haven't been paying too much attention to the outside world lately; so when this week's Etsy NJ Team Blog Hop came around I was unprepared, but it is a very good thing...
Because I found, The Vintage Sister!

Born and raised in a NJ town just outside of Philadelphia, she's been expressing herself through art since she was old enough to hold a crayon. With a degree in Art and two boys ~ she's brightening the world with her dynamic stylings.
Below are only a few of the wonderful items I found at her Etsy Shoppe ~ which you need to visit soon!
Oh, and I want to mention her blog as well ~ The Vintage Sister Studio!

Faithful Friends PRINT (above) ~ This is a print of an original mixed media painting using acrylics, pencil and collaged vintage papers.

On a String (above) ~ This is an print of an original mixed media painting using acrylics, pencil,vintage papers and bees wax. The canvas panel was covered with layers and layers of vintage sheet music and a coating of natural bees wax to give the piece lovely texture and depth.

A Quoi Bon archival print (above) ~ A Quoi Bon? Translation: What's The Use?
She's got birds in her hair and she just doesn't care!
This is a high quality print of an original painting. It was done in acrylics with craft papers, vintage french text and pencil detail.

Remember, every Tuesday is EtsyNJ Team Blog Hop ~ I would like to wish The Vintage Sister and everyone on the team a Happy Mother's Day!!

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