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Friday, January 30, 2009

Crochet Madness!

             As orders slow, I'm starting a new obsession, crocheting.  
I have a fondness for it from my Grandmother.  She would sit and crochet all the time.  When I was born, figuring she wouldn't be around for my wedding... she made me a set of dollies and a tablecloth.  Sadly she was right, I was 13 when she passed but I have these lovely memories and amazing work-womanship to forever cherish.
So, I picked up one of her needles and started to make granny squares and that has now led to these flowery puffs.  I love the colors.  I keep making them, all sizes and a rainbow of colors; now, what to do with them.  
I, originally thought, that I would make them into brooches or decorative flowers to attach to all my fabric pocketbooks.  I've developed a thing for all the Vera Bradley line.  Thanks a lot Pammie!  
But now I'm getting crazy with crocheting and keep making them and they are starting to accumulate like bunnies mating!! 
I did post them on flickr and thanks ittybittybirdie for the great suggestions!  
Any ideas, I always open for suggestions!  

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