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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winter Peppermint Adventure!

It's a Marshmellow World in the Winter.... 

Those are some of the words in one of my favorite Christmas songs.  Ah, Dean Martin.  Just brings back so many memories.  Dean Martin playing on the stereo, the Christmas Tree spinning around on it's revolving stand - and I just can not believe it's time to start thinking about it all over again.

At the Etsy Shoppe, November 1st will be the release of some new ornaments, and it will be a Winter Peppermint Adventure!
Below are just a few offerings that will be available for a limited time.

What a wonderful Welcome into the Peppermint Village!!
Here's Frosty just peeking around the candy waiting for you to stop or should I say shop on by!!  The sign on top can be personalized; making yours a "one of a kind".

Peek a Boo, I Love You!
With all that's going on in the world this year, we all need a little more Love and Versatility!
This wonderful piece can go up for Christmas and Stay around until Valentine's Day!
That certainly makes me smile.

Just call him, Pep ' O Stick!
Here's just one more member of the Peppermint Village!
This fellow just loves to hang around and tassel with the other neighbors in the village!
With a heart warming smile and all that peppermint accent, he too is a winner for the two holiday award!

So remember to circle NOVEMBER 1st on the Calendar and get ready for some peppermint twist.  :D

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