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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Orange you glad for days like this.

Sunny Days...

Today was such a lovely day... rarely do I wake with a happiness that makes me sing (especially that early in the morning!); yet, today, was that day.

So off I went to do my daily errands ~
First, go see my most favorite hair stylist, Tonia ~
What a lovely gal, Tonia, and I believe that she will have me on roller skates before the summertime ends ~ with a wonderful hair cut!

After a lovely cup of tea with my friend, off I went through the park, spotting some sweet dolls peeking out among the blooms. My favorite shoppe is just around the corner ~ where the dollies were pointing the way.

Mr. Angelo's grocery store...
All his veggies are so bright and fresh. I just love the smells of all the fruits and baked goods there! There are times, I just hang around chatting with Mr. Angelo just to soak in the cheery atmosphere of his grocery shoppe!

I was swept away by all the wonderful colors that I found in the grocery store. Thank goodness I had a great friend with me who had a camera phone! So many sunny colors on this sunny day! Perhaps one day I will purchase the "spiny melon", first, I have to stop laughing every time I say the name ~

So, I made my way back home...
while looking at the bounty I purchased today, I gathered together items in the craft room that would match all the wonderful colors I saw during my walk.
I recently did an interview, where I was asked where I found my inspiration ~ believe it, I really didn't have a clue; yet as I walked through the city, I found spots of vibrant colors that just made their mark in my brain!
Thanks Tonia & Mr. Angelo for making my day special!


  1. I know! After seeing all the beautiful veggies, I just had to take some pictures! Thanks!


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