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Monday, April 12, 2010

Team Tuesday: EtsyNJ Team Blog Hop

"Armed with 2 sticks and some fashion sense I set out to create unique and different knitted items. I am a passionate about color, so I use many different colors in my work~~something for everyone~~ " This is a quote from our Team Blog Shoppe owner for this newest edition of Team Blog Hop Tuesday!

I have to say, these wonderful pieces aren't just "fashionable" they are wearable art work with fabulous details. The Bohemian Bride Upcycled shawl (pictured above) "This beautiful upcycled ivory bridal shawl was inspired by Happiknits love of Somerset magazines, Belle Armoire and Altered Couture. Her spring 2010 line is a collection of eco-friendly pieces. This shawl is made with 100% recycled materials. Collected and revived, found during many early morning weekend trips to the local markets."

"Growing up 5 minutes from the beach and having a grandmother who had a beach house, Happiknits spent most of her life either on sand or in the ocean. This piece was inspired by her grandmother's beach house which was in the family for several generations."
I, personally, adore all the special touches that are included with this lariat that sets it apart from anything store bought.

"This piece includes 2 seperate lariats, they can be worn together for a true burst of gorgeous color or seperate for a focal piece. The first lariat is handknit in a super soft acrylic mix yarn in a stunning shade of orange. At each end of the lariat is a knit leaf. Handsewn onto each leaf is a felted leaf in a pale yellow shade."

Happiknits is have a wonderful SPRING SALE ~ so stop by and check out all her wonderful items! Stop by and see what inspires Happiknits at http://www.happiknits.blogspot


  1. Love the details on these creations!

  2. Such beautiful items!! I've been a Happiknits fan for a long time! Nice choices...

  3. Wow, I love her stuff!! Absolutly beautiful :)


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