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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Etsy Twitter Team: Shop of the Week

Our gal, Lois Stifel, is one of many favorites in our Twitter Team. I think she must have been a cheerleader because she's always there for all of us - Tweeting for the team!

While reading her profile at her Etsy Shoppe, she talks about how she got the name, Foxy G. Knits. She says, "I have a little granddaughter who is going on two years old. When we were selecting our grandparent names, I joked that I would be “Grandma Lo” by day and “Foxy G.” by night. When I was trying to come up with a name for my shop, Foxy G. Knits was a natural!" And that's our Lois! She may be Grandma Lo - but to the team she'll forever be FOXY G!

Hand Knit Goddess Shawl Wrap - Mardi Gras: is the name of the above & below creation of Foxy G. Knits. The traditional colors of Mardi Gras are purple (symbolic of justice), green (symbolic of faith) and gold (symbolic of power). The accepted story behind the original selection of these colors originates from 1872 when the Grand Duke Alexis Romanoff of Russia visited New Orleans. During his stay, he was given the honor of selecting the official Mardi Gras colors. Thus, did these colors also become the colors of the House of Romanoff.

This and so much more is featured on Etsy's Twitter Team blog interview of FoxyGKnits; where you can learn so much more about this creative shoppe owner. Also, check out previous articles on other team members, as well. You'll find we are a diverse group of artists who just love both tweeting and creating.

Not only is Lois knitting but the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree... The Hand-knitted Amethyst Shawl was hand knit by her 90-year-old "mamalicious" (her mom!). It can be dressed up or down and would be great for that airplane ride or at the office. Drape it over your winter coat, or warm your shoulders on a cool morning. Imagine yourself wrapped up in front of a crackling fire…
Whether you purchase this as a gift for yourself or for that someone special, it is hand knit with love – from Grandma Sarah’s heart to yours. (Having a very soft spot for my own mom, I wanted to include this in my post!)

So please, check out FoxyG. Knits, and while your at it, check out her blog too!
She pens some great blog articles! She's got some great sales going on; and such a variety of styles and prices! :D


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Valentine's Day magnets.

    Linda B

  2. Oh my goodness! Foxy G. may know how to knit, but you sure do know how to make someone feel like $1M! Thank you so much for a lovely write up.


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