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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Etsy Twitter Team: Shop of the Week

I like to introduce to you a very Caring Lady who I would like to say is in the "wrappin' " business, Kim White of Kim White Creations. I use the word "wrappin' " because this fine lady is wrapping everyone and everything we love the most with her wonderful creations; be it a loved one's lap, a cute curly top's head, even a coffee/tea (that's for me) cup ~ she's got them all covered.
This lady also is wrapping my heart with this FABO item that I just happen to see in her shop!

His and Hers Ice Cream Cozie Set (pictured) this item is just singing ~ buy Nancy buy!!
You ladies know what I mean, we have to be able to label our ice cream or low cal ice yogurt, for our calorie conscience readers!
What a wonderful idea~ but ladies, you may have to watch out because the man in your life may just do a switch-a-roo
on you!

So like your liquor, you must also MARK your ice cream carton~he won't see it under this MARVELOUS wrap. And BTW, it also makes the freezer just a bit more cozy!

So thoughtful is our Kim, that she makes these wonderful COZIE SETS!!
Now, if you have roommates that are of the same sex, I'm sure our Kim will make a SPECIAL ORDER JUST FOR YOU!!

His and Hers Ice Cream Cozie Set (pictured) here's of course the MAN's Label~ but secretly, we know it's kinda ours too, don't you think?

You can read so much more on wonderful crafter at The Etsy Twitter Team's Blog; also, check out previous articles on other team members, as well. You'll find we are a diverse group of artists who just love both tweeting and creating.

Cabled Coffee Cozie in Cranberry Red (pictured) is just a delightful way of bringing some sparkle to one's coffee or tea cup. It's also a WONDERFUL way of individualizing our cup! "Hey, don't touch that cup with the Red Cozie, it's MINE!!" :D

What a great way to go green as well ~ just think about how many cardboard sleeves you will be saving in a year?!
In my case, I know it's at least 100! Yikes!

This is only a tiny sampling of what this wonderful entrepreneur offers in her Etsy Shop~so s
top on by and say, "HI"!

This week only, Kim is offering readers:
Any Coffee Cozy FREE with a $50 or more purchase before shipping-just let me know your Coffee Cozy selection in message to seller. ( She will ship internationally if requested.)

To learn more about Kim and her beautiful creations visit her at:


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