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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pattern Your Life into Greatness

Recently, my pal, Juliane, of Froken Skicklig, posted a giveaway for a free pattern to celebrate the much anticipated line of Doll Patterns she is creating.
My that gal is very, very busy and I am so very proud of her!

These are just a few items that my pal creates ~ just amazing to me!

Well, this got me thinking.
When I was young~ oh, so many years ago~ my Aunt, who was the family seamstress taught me how to sew; or should I say, tried to teach me?!
I remember those summer days, spending time over her house, sitting by the sewing machine making so many things: a dolman sleeved top - in a sage green; a calico skirt~ yes, ladies, they started with our generation; and the ultimate summer project ~ a WHITE LINED BLAZER. Oh baby, that thing took the whole summer, shoulder pads and ALL.
(Check out the price on that pattern, too!! :D)

I think I still have these projects somewhere; and I know that linen blazer is yellowing now in a box at my mother's house; but it's the times together that I'll remember. I learned how to sew straight seams; because, she made me sit with lined paper at an unthreaded machine for a day and sew on the blue lines, as she told me stories of her days in school. I learned that my Aunt was a fun girl and how I would have loved to travel in a time machine and become friends with her.
My point... help a child create. You'll not only be sharing your talent but also that precious time that they will always remember; even if it's just gluing curly macaroni on a papier mache box!

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  1. Oh Nancy, I followed the link in my statistics - thank you for your sweet words! I totally agree that we should inspire our (grand/god/neighbour)children and spend some crafty time with them - it is so much fun!

    Sending you a warm hug,



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