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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everything's Sweeter in Pink

Here's my Newest baby, Molly McBunny!
She was a bit shy for these first photos, but she did warm up much later... I don't think she's use to being in the limelight.

After taking a trip to the grocery store, I stopped along the way at a lovely little fabric shoppe called, The Little Shoppe. There you can find almost any fabric your heart desires.
Once I saw these lovely polka dots, there was no stopping me from going fabric happy!
As Molly was being all shined up, it just seemed fated that she would get this wonderfully festive dress!

Molly is sporting the newest fashion in Bunnywear ~ Christian Duckior!
I think she is the first at her farm with this wonderful Ducky Tote!
Here's a close up (picture below) of this fabulous designer's creation... such detail!
It's no wonder, Molly is the talk of her warren!

After all the "official" photos were taken, Molly was begging me to take just one more picture, but this time holding her favorite Fabunny Egg! She's all about the fashion and bling, this little bunny; but I know down deep she's just a country girl at heart.
Stop by and visit Molly and all her other gal pals at the shoppe!

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