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Monday, October 18, 2010

Etsy Twitter Team: Shop of the Week is ME!

Etsy Twitter Team Shop of the Week!

*For the week of October 18 ~ October 24th*
From Nancy's Heart

I must say, that I have been very blessed to be a part of a wonderful Etsy Team:
The Etsy Twitter Team; and this week, I will be SOTW (shop of the week).
This means that I was lucky enough to be interviewed by one of my lovely team members; this article can be seen on our Team Blog (just click on the link).
Along with previous Shops of the Week! (so check those out too).

But for this week, I am attempting to open myself up a bit online on my blog and let everyone see how, From Nancy's Heart, originated.
I'm going to share some treasured secrets, along with original ornaments; drawing & sketches; items that have been put to rest along with those designs coming for 2010.

So I hope you enjoy this trip into the history of From Nancy's Heart and please stop by my shoppe and drop a line to say, "HI"!

PART ONE: a new beginning

So it's 1992, I find myself laid off from a job I had for 5 years.
I had been doing crafts for some time prior to this, doing various craft shows.
Primarily, I made dolls. I love dolls, have I ever mentioned that? Possibly not.
Well, back to the dolls- I'll post a photo of them tomorrow; they (the dolls) were a major part of my "line" as it were. I was known as the girl who sold dolls.
All the dolls either had wooden heads or wooden legs & bodies... there even was a year that I only made spool dolls; but, no matter what I made ~ I would always make it out of wood!

Now, finding myself laid off ~ which is exactly the time you take chances ~ I decided to go into wholesale! I had NO idea how to go about it & how to display a booth, I think you have the picture... but I did it anyway.

Above is my very first business card! I was dating a fellow who is a natural artist and came up with this "Dolly" design. That Little Girl logo has been with me for over 17 years!
My sister even had a sign commissioned, believing that I would one day
open a brick n mortar shop! I'll show you all that tomorrow as well!

Oh, and my very first wholesale experience? Well, although I stuck out like a sore thumb with my booth design (there really wasn't one); but with my Mom at my side,
we wrote up enough orders to continue for another year.

By the way, that boyfriend, now my husband, designed my new business logo
(below) when I decided to open up my Etsy Shoppe!

Stop by tomorrow and see more from the workshop!

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