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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What You Learn From a Dream ~

~Con't of PART THREE~

So you can see (left) that we had many tables with a constant rotation of family and friends.
If you couldn't paint, you could cut material for his little bow tie.

Here, you see two beautiful ladies, who are dear friends and fortunately for me, decided to marry some male family members!

Both volunteered to help and it was getting really crazy by the time they started working! I wonder what was in that blue glass?

From left to right ~ Boxes of finished ornaments waiting to be tagged and packed... then go to our glitter and packing department! Believe it or not, after all the basement work... the finished product was glittered too!! So the garage became the next place to work!
Nothing stopped these 70 year olds!

After they were boxed up, the finished boxes were stored in my living/dining room ~ thank goodness I didn't have any furniture in the house at the time!

All these photos were taken in a course of 3 months ~ during the summer of 2000.
I made absolutely NO money off this order; and if I had to pay for help, I would have lost money.
We all refer to this as the summer of the snowflake ~ no need to say anything else.

What I learned from this summer was:
1. my family & friends love me
2. get a lawyer to look over a contract prior to signing
3. we all have the strength to get through anything

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