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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ceram-a-Lama WOW!

It's after midnight, the house is quiet and I sit with my cup of tea thinking of so many crafty things I would still love to learn... then I come across these wonderful gems and then I think, "where's my credit card?"

Two Roosters Mug by Evebehar (above)
This mug goes PERFECTLY with my Kitchen Decor!
Ok Eve, I'll be sending the url to my husband - as an early birthday gift (for me!).

Prettyrandomobjects has a set of 3 Vases that are wonderful! (above)
Group them together, they make a great impact or for variety, move them around your habitat and then when your mother visits, she'll think you're always buying vases!

The photo just reminds me of a summer morning, breezy with the smell of fresh cut grass; having a lovely cup of coffee and reading the Wall Street Journal - who am I kidding, get me that Us Magazine with a People on the side!

I had better try and get more hours at work, because sitting at home is going to be getting REAL EXPENSIVE!! :D


  1. That rooster mug is amazing! My mom loves rooters a lot and we buy her anything rooster! I guess it's a lovely gift :D

  2. these are all just wonderful! I especially love the vases...darling! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. If you are looking to set your studio up, just contact me. I spent hours surfing for ideas online (all Ikea stuff) and have quite a few pictures on my computer! :) I wish I had done the Ikea units several years ago!

  3. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. If you are interested in Ikea units I spent many hours surfing the web and collected photos that I could share with you for inspiration.

    I love the little vases - they are just darling! :)


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