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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Friendship is a Wonderful Thing!

A while ago, I ordered some wonderful Felt Heart for Valentine's Day - and then along came a wonderful friend.

From my wonderful friend at Think Outside The Box, I received this FABULOUS Bunny Ears pin.  Isn't she the best!  Well, I just think that she is.  
Much love and thanks!! :D

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  1. OH MY Nancy!!! I cannot believe that you have taken the time to create such a beautiful photo of this and then to blog an entire post about it! I am so truly touched, honored and blessed by this and for you. I am oh so proud to call you my friend and it is such a good thing we don't live close to one another or we'd NEVER get any crafting done! LOL! Love ya to pieces my sweet Italian Mafia Princess partner in crime!


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