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Sunday, February 15, 2009

All Dolled Up on Valentine's Day

Unfortunately, I had to work today, Valentine's Day... but that's ok because I did allow the girls to continue with their plans for their party!   I wasn't too sure show crazy things were going to get and I gave STRICT instructions for everyone to be on their very BEST behavior.

But it did cause me to post all the pictures very late.  But I still wanted everyone to see how much fun my dolls had on the day of LOVE....

Here's a picture of all the guests.  There's Sofia, Sara with the Tiara, Becky in the back.  On the right side is Emily.  She's wearing some very interesting earrings that you'll learn about later. Teddy.  Because he was the only boy, they made him a red crown.  It looked really nice on him I think.  Last but not least is Viola with the boa.  Boy that's funny how they rhymed!

Here's our Emily.  Because she had her chance wearing the tiara, she said she looked just like the tinsel tree; so she thought it would be funny to wear some of the ornaments that I hung on the tree.  When I saw the pictures, I thought perhaps she had too much faux punch to drink - but all she wanted to do was be festive!!

Crazy me placed this group of pictures in the wrong order.  The above picture is actually the first in the group - because it's of the two hostesses with their decorated table.  Viola wanted to wear the boa so I let her have it this morning.    I have to say, I was very proud of them because they cut out all their own decorations with the grown up scissors and hung the hearts and banners without any help.  

After my long, long day at work, I came home to find the girls relaxing on the couch with stories of their fun party.  Becky told me of all the gossip she heard.  It seems that Teddy will be off on another trip soon.  He takes LOTS of vacations; he's just a bear of the world.
It seems that the bunnies were tired too.  Check out how they are just flopped all over her!

Here's Viola with a SPECIAL Valentine.  Seems that someone left a special Valentine's Day Card for me and she opened it!  How could she??  Well, she thought it was from her boy friend but it wasn't.  It was cut and written by a very special 4 year old I know named, Ryan.    
But I couldn't get mad at her for opening the card, not when she looked as cute as she did with the tiara on her head!!  


  1. What a fabulous party! Looks like they had a wonderful time!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. are a hoot! I love this little lovefest you've got going on! Looking at these photos reminds me of every little girls dream! This is so something I would have loved as a girl..heck..even now!


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