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Friday, February 27, 2009

You DON'T need velcro rollers for CURLING!!

You're probably wondering, "why would a gal who lives in New Jersey and very close to the Atlantic coastline - so far from the mountains and very cold weather, would devote some time to the Art of Curling?"  Why would the words, "shot rock or sweeping" mean anything to me other than cleaning up the front walk?!

Fair question.  

Those who know me, know I'm all about the "craft" and mostly when the subject of  'curling' comes up, normally we are talking about the paper art of curling.  It's working with really thin pieces of paper and a little tool that is a great poker - enabling the crafter to 'curl' the paper...
But years ago, when the Sport of Curling became an Olympic event - I became ALL ABOUT it! So when it came time to write something today, Friday, February 27th - I felt it appropriate to write about what was on the television as I craft.  

The Olympic trials of Curling are on and as I crochet, I'm loving every minute of it!
Talk about inspiration.  It may seem crazy; but to watch the trials where strategy is the name of the game; is really amazing to watch.  Also, having it closely resembles my countrymen's sport of BOCCI also helps.   My memories of fun times with my family playing Bocci is the attraction to watching this terrific winter sport!

So, you go girls on that ice... 


Little Lotte is waiting for you...
A another wonderful Crafts Woman is opening an Etsy Shop and I just wanted to WELCOME her and her wonderful creative nature.  


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