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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inspiration from Rosey Sugar...

I believe it was last week when I was talking Inspiration... well if these cookies don't inspire us I'm not too sure what will.  Check them out!  They are on a photo stream from Flickr and one of my favorites, Rosey Sugar.  You just MUST click on the link and check out the work'woman's' ship that is put into these wonderful delights.

But I must admit there is so much more to just the yumminess of the cookies that is inspiration for me.  I just love the color palette, along with the delicate work that has gone in to creating something that seems more like a ceramic tile than a sugar cookie!  

I can remember years ago when I started working with a Sales Rep. firm and I was asked about my color palette and theme for the year and I looked at the young lady with squinty eyes.  Now, I do work within a specific parameter of colors - actually one's I know will sell- but then there are the colors that just make us happy and the above cookie colors are those I would choose on any day of the year.  
Thanks Rosey Sugar....  thanks for your inspiration!!

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