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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Arrivals! Great Favors...

Now the snow has arrived, so have a few items from the stork!  
I love babies; they smell nice and some have that tiny wisp of hair, ooohhh I could go on!  I can see why, now, my relatives always pinched my cheeks and gave me loud kisses!  

So here's some new arrivals.  The Ducky has twins that he's carrying around and there's this great banner to personalize anyway, anyone wants!   Check it out, can't forget the bling!  Around the neck of my ducky is a daisy with bling that just makes this one extra special.

The second item, which is currently in my Etsy Shoppe,; is a cute little bundle just dropped off by the stork.  I've already had a request for a change which was a TERRIFIC idea - I painted the hearts on top of the diaper blue for her little boy. Perhaps my mind has only been on girls lately, since we've had two additional girls in the family in the past two years!  

These were GREAT selling ornaments for Christmas but I made them originally for BABY SHOWER Favors.  So for what I hope will be the new arrival of Spring... my new Arrivals!  :D

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  1. the duck and babies are adorable :)

    Nancy / ScoopiLoo


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