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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inspirational Search....

The past week has been very trying for me and I've been questioning many things in my life, one of them being my sense of creativity.  I've been sitting around and paying too much attention to what's been going on around me rather than looking within - hopefully, I'll get past this spell and start feeling the "spring" in my step.  I know, very goofy joke!  

So what I hope to do for myself and perhaps, those who read this blog, is to find those who are inspiring me to keep that smile on my face.   Be ready, I may be emailing you, asking who or what inspires you!


Check out my latest purchase!!  Yeah!  Aren't these Plini's GREAT!!  They are made by a terrific lady and wonderfully creative crafter, Jamie Ferraioli, at Magic Bean Buyer.   

The pictures I've taken don't even begin to show the depth of these pieces along with the great attention to detail.  They are just beautiful.

Can you see the bunny on this lovie's head or what about my fav's, Peep?!!  That Peep is shimmering and oh so adorable.  
My apologies to Jamie, for really not showcasing her items to their peakness; 
so check them out at her Etsy shop:  or at her blog - it's right there at the right side of this page.   

Thanks Jamie, the Plini's came right at the perfect time to make me smile!  :D


  1. Thanks so much Nancy! I totally know what you mean about being creatively burned to say. It happens to us all. I think the cold weather bums a lot of us out...but soon spring will be here and that's always great for the creativity!

  2. Jamie,
    Thank you so much. It's great to be a part of a group of like minded gals!! : D Very comforting - like the dark hershey kisss I'm about to eat!


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