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Sunday, January 24, 2010

All My Love - Etsy's Olde World Shoppes Team

After returning from my fictitious "12 day European Excursion" I wanted to return to my roots and here they are... my first Etsy Team... Old World Team! Although, I was unable to gather ALL my favorites into this SPECIAL Nancy "Old World Treasury", I just wanted everyone to know that you can find more of my Teammates at the
Old World Shoppe Blog - where there's tons of info on all our artists; and also at this wonderful mini treasury - just click the link and see so much more!

Cindyhoo - aka, At Fallen Leaf Creek: has such extraordinary items which are just a wonderful extension of this artist. I just adore all her pieces and I must say this piece in particular is tops on my list! What imagination and creativity to create a piece of art which can be worn - especially all year round. This delicate piece is for those of us who just love the simple statement.

From Backwoodscreations: this fabulous piece of art. What a tender way of showing LOVE this Valentine's day; Made with a hand carved stamp on vintage handkerchief then embellished with mixed media hearts and embroidery it is one of a kind. It comes with an envelope in a clear protective cover. Just amazing!

Baconsquarefarm has such a diverse range of decorative items - I defy anyone to tell me they can't find something in their shoppe that they just love. Diversibility - that's a new word created by ME!! These wonderful pieces can be used anyway - anyhow!! Mod contempo black chalkboard message board magnet combo with handcut sculptured red metal flower perfect to write love notes or attach a photo of your child or pet. Just terrific!

Brainella: wonderful pottery at just an amazing prices! Couldn't you see yourself being served some delicious bon-bons from that strapping man servant on this beautiful plate? Well, I can, if I close my eyes; but then I won't be able to enjoy the plate? This is just a colorful way of bringing joy to anything you choose to serve!

RedCrowArts: This wonderful multi media artist creates so many things, I just don't know how she does it!! She must pass me her secret. ;D "I find mosaics relaxing and very much like putting together a puzzle," she says, "and it is like unveiling a secret after the grout is cleaned off.....ewe - awe!" Her mosaics will always be ready to hang if they are a wall hanging - unless otherwise noted; yet there is still more in her shoppe - you need to stop by just to see!

These next are Bubushka Babies by Woolies! Each doll is the PERFECT companion for that sweet little one in the family - hey, we can't forget them, never!! Let's bring a smile to their faces because we know they bring smiles to ours! Each Babushka Baby measure about 8" tall. Perfect for taking on car rides, or sitting politely at tea parties. Our friend at Woolies, also thinks eco friendly and uses eco friendly fabrics and stuffing!

We all know someone that LOVE vintage! Here's a wonderful item that just "sifts" into our hearts!! Sorry! ReBopShop has so many wonderful items - this is something that would be wonderful for any collector or decorator! I, personally, could see one of Woolies babies peeking out from inside, sitting on your shelf bringing the love of simpler days gone by. Stop by the ReBopShop, and see some wonderful candles too! She's just so creative!

Titled, "Key to my Heart" necklace, this wonderful piece is created by Mysticgriffin. On a side note, Mysticgriffin is donating $1.00 from each sale of her Etsy Shoppes in January to Haiti. There are so many sensational pieces of artistic jewelry at her shoppe but I chose this one for the upcoming gift giving season. You need to cruise by and see all the one of a kind items that you would be so honored to wear. Her spirit shines through all her creations.

Well I just can't help but smile as this sweet cupid is shooting a arrow at my heart and if you want to shoot an arrow at someone - here's the perfect gift by Rabbithollowprims. At Rabbithollowprims, you can find so many things to fall in love with, that you may wish to buy 2; one for yourself and the other for your love.

This amazing 3D butterfly choker reminds me of my LOVE for Sex in the City and if you want to be hip and happenin' like Carrie, here's something that's willing to find it's perfect spot with you! Our gal, at Wildwood - or as we know them, Edge of the Wildwoods; these kids are just a wonder, creating both wood burning items - with a song in their hearts! They also sell original music by Mike Burns. Just a wonder in the Wildwoods!

Here's a Valentine's Postcard I can guarantee that your recipient will hang with pride, never forgetting your generosity and love! Created by Pamelaquilts, each one of her series of 9 postcards, named, Love Potions, are numbered and signed. Each quilt she creates is just a fabulous piece of art.

At LiberTEAS, creativity is extended to the art of creating flavorful teas. "Tea is a great passion of mine," says LiberTEAS, "so, I am driven to create the most flavorful teas; teas that excite and enliven the senses. All of my unique, artistically crafted tea blends are created from my own exclusive recipes." What better way to sharing a lovely cup of wonderfully blended tea with the one you love.


  1. Delightful! I enjoy visiting a blog and get such a burst of love.. warm---fuzzy:)

  2. Carey,
    Thanks so much for the lovely compliment!! :D


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