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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I've Never Been So Excited

I must admit, I haven't been this excited about a product of mine since...
well, I first started making 3 dimensional ornaments way, back when.

Years ago, I made dolls. Dolls of all shapes and sizes. I did well with these dolls of mine; but you know when you just don't "have" it anymore. Like, there was no excitement when I went to get material or even make a custom doll. So I stopped the dolls and concentrated on my ornaments.

I just LOVE making my ornaments and now, to be able to combine both my love of dolls with the unique style of my 3 D ornaments is a dream come true!

Here is YOUR special "Sneak Peek" into my newest grouping of free standing "ornaments":

"Wow, Nancy, I just can't believe it," I hear you saying. "They look just like the ornaments you make!"
Well, YES they are but they are now STANDING on their own two feet (as it were)!

These two little ones are just the beginning of a whole new line of items I will be carrying in my ETSY shoppe and you will be able to see them THIS WEEKEND!

Their dimensional depth really can not be seen by these photos and I really didn't want to show a side view - just to keep my secret going for a tad bit longer!
But they are layered 7 times and are specifically unique to From Nancy's Heart!
They are being copy written as I type this, so for me - this is VERY BIG!

The VERSATILITY for these new items will be endless - As a Party Favor; Cake Topper; Shelf Sitter. They can even be Personalized with an INITIAL or NUMBER (age). Actually, there is no limit...

So, stop by Saturday & Sunday for these and a FEW more VALENTINE items that will be making their debut in my shoppe! Thanks to all for their encouragement and for all their well wishes. :D


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