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Monday, January 4, 2010

And the Winners Are...

I would like to thank everyone who participated
and sent in photos of their Christmas trees.
It was absolutely amazing to see all those ornaments over the course of
the month of December and a great treat for me to see how they make everyone smile!

So now down to business; the decision of picking the BEST was so difficult:

There's Jamie, who started us off with the contest idea in the first place...

Then there was Nancy, who actually trained her beloved pet to stand watch over her ornaments!!

Or do I choose Colleen - who sent in a photo of the Baby Jesus ornament?

We can't forget the others....
There was Katie, Jo, Fran, Brenda, Jen, Michelle and Lisa...

Who to choose, who to choose.......... ouch!
My head was hurting making this decision, so I decided, why not make EVERYONE a winner!!
Be like Oprah and give a gift to everyone!!!

So that's what I decide... everyone will be getting ornaments so keep an eye out
for your postman or woman in the next few days to see your gift!!
Thanks again everyone and here's wishing you the sweetest of years to come!! :D

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