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Friday, January 15, 2010

My Valentine Favorites

As I sit, recovering from a cold and watching so much devastation on television, I wanted to just send and feel some LOVE that I pray is going on around our world.

When I see these items, that are in my "Etsy Favorites", I just can't help but smile at their sweetness. From top to bottom, left to right are the following:

PeanutandTommy, first, loving their shoppe name; second, what a wonderful gift to send along to your favorite eco friendly pal! All pink and sweet, making your groceries just seem so much more than groceries!!

MachoMachismo. I'm sure you are saying, what is a vintage typewriter have to do with Valentines'... well, just think how many LOVE NOTES were typed up on this wonderful vintage typewriter. I'm sorry, but I'm now dating myself... but I took a high school class and learned how to type on this classic and you mean business when sending out a LOVE NOTE typed up on this amazing typewriter

Kimwhitecreations... what a warming feeling I get from this great COFFEE COZIE; I'm sure Kim wouldn't mind if you made a latti with that wonderful whipped cream heart on top - to give to your honey, either!! This just wonderful cable cozie is a sweater for your drink... it deserves the best, too!!

Southpawstudios has created this fabulous Salmon Flat Square salmon earrings for such a great price - if you are thinking of giving a bit of bling for your sweetheart. I just love them and hopefully you'll scoop them up before I get my hands on them.

Sassypackratstudios has this and so many more fun cards available for your gift giving... you need to see them all to see the fun and precious!

DeadpanAlley has become one of my most favs lately... I just adore her whimsical spirit and this LOVEBIRDS series is just one more in a series of great work!

Purplelemondesigns... what can I say about this gal... she has a wonderful selection of Return Address stamps that I've ever seen and they make for unique gift giving YEAR ROUND. I wanted to show how lovely this LOVE BUG Valentine is... just so adorable. Girl, when do you come up with all these great ideas??! I'm getting envious!! LOL

PunkyJane is no stranger to being on the FRONT PAGE of Etsy! Her work has been showcased in so many treasuries; yet she never rests on that... she keeps creating new works of wearable art and she is one of my favorites!

JaybirdDesigns. First, what a WONDERFUL baby face!! Next, this fabulous baby hat is as precious as the baby that's wearing it and I know every stylish baby that's on Etsy is cooing to their parents for this sweet CUSTOM hat!

FoxyGknits is a wonderful foxy gal with a whole SELECTION of Foxy Powerful scarves! I just love the ruffle effect of this handmade piece... great way of framing your cutie's face!

WellspringCreations also has some Australian Ruby Red Earrings to frame your wonderful rosey cheeks. These are also a great price for anyone trying to give economically. I just love the color; the ability to wear these earring with almost any outfit gives it great versatility.

FirebirdHouse has this Amazing International Heart for sale at her shoppe! This heart is engraved with "I LOVE YOU" in every language. What a wonderful and unique gift to your mom; sister; friend or even, heck, I say, yourself!

Here are just a few of the folks that I adore and the items they pride themselves to create or show in their Etsy Shoppes. I wish everyone a great weekend and I'm sending you all my heart! :D


  1. Miss Nancy: What a sweet, thoughtful post. I am honored to be included as one of your valentine favorites. XXX

  2. Thank you so much for including me in your valentine favorites! I was so thrilled when I heard about it, you are a sweetheart! ;0)

  3. Ladies, thanks so much for your continued sweetness and kindness!
    I'm proud to be team mates with such terrific people!

  4. Thanks so much, Nancy, for including me as one of your Valentines! Such a sweet thing to do :D!

  5. Aww...You are so sweet for including my love bug card...and you are so sweet with the compliments too! I am blushing!

  6. Lovely Valentine post Nancy and your dolls are adorable :<)


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