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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Will Luck by my lady?!

As the cold winter days continue, I've made a great friend in my sweater and a terrific box of tissues! Well I should say, several boxes of tissues - he had some friends! :D

But what brightened up my day was this letter I received from one of my pals and to say it was a chain letter would be a great description but it wasn't really - because if you didn't want to participate, you didn't have to - but I think you would have been called a wimp!!
(No, I'm just kidding about the wimp stuff!)

It didn't wish you 6 months of broken mirrors or anything... just lotto tickets!

The letter said to send out six lotto tickets and see what happens!
So I bundled myself up and off I went to the Wawa (local tri state convenience store) only to find that I can get a great cup of coffee but no tickets!
"Yikes!" I thought, "now where?"

Off to the pharmacy I go, to get my medicine and, yeah, they have lotto tickets!!
As you can tell, I'm not a big ticket purchaser... not even knowing where to purchase these things! But boy do they get addictive when scratching them.
I got a few extra for myself... 6 for sending and 3 for me
no luck today!!!

What a wonderful thing it would have been to match 3 $10,000 amounts (because you need to match 3 amounts to win), and then 2x's it!
I wonder how many lotto tickets I would have to buy to find that one golden ticket?!

I think I'll have my Wonka bar, a nice warm cup of tea and finish sending out
the lucky tickets out to 6 friends. :D

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