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Monday, March 16, 2009

Erin's on the Go, Go!

Here's Erin.

I've been inspired by all the clothespin dolls I've seen over the past year and thought, "I have some remnants of old Shamrock material, what the heck! "  

She's holding a felt shamrock on her garland and is getting ready to go to a good olde fashion party!

I've seen her in action the past few days and boy, (or should I say, girl) can she gig!  Who knew clothespins had that kind of agility?!  I sure didn't.  She seemed so mild-mannered but geez a lou; play some music and she's just dancin' around.

I must admit I enjoyed making her and would love to make more.  I mean she really needs someone else to dance with around the house!  :D

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