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Friday, March 27, 2009


"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. "
- Anais Nin

I rarely make New Year's resolutions; it's just not me.  (Here comes the however...) However, this year, I seem to be pursuing, a sort of sub-conscience goal, by meeting many wonderful artisans from all over the world.  

Back in my "scouting" days, we all wanted to have pen pals - only because this would mean to us, writing letters across the ocean, to places we've only dreamt about visiting.  Today, with social venues such as, Flickr and Facebook, I've reconnected & also have met so many wonderful people; without leaving my home.  (Amazing to me but mind blowing to my 84 year old father, who visits Europe daily on Google Earth!) 

Etsy has opened a world and has changed my life.  Along with sharing my love of crafting with others, I'm able to reach out and purchase felt creations from my friend up north; my lovely crocheted mushroom (above) from that amazing gal in Sweden; get some handmade buttons here and wonderful Plini creations from just across the river; find a lovely, creative man to cut my crazy wood shapes!  Then become friends, simply incredible.

I've become melancholy in my old age of 40 something; because, I then begin to remember friends who are no longer with me; yet their influences are still there.  Tricia Mary, Love you girl, and I can't hear a Bruce song without thinking of you!  And Tommy, you forced me to learn how to read a contract, (although you may not even remember) along with the extensive explanation of how to kill a rooster.  Priceless.

So I say "Thank you" to my new friends for bringing a new world of caring, innovative spirit, and sharing into my life.  I just hope that I'm able to bring as much joy into their lives as they do mine.  :D

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  1. My dear Nancy, I am sending you a smile this time from Berlin, Germany and not from Sweden! Thank you for your kind words - I am happy we met, I am happy we´ll meet


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