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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nancy's Notables - JooJoo's Shop

Well, I thought that I would try something new, and have a section of Nancy's Notable's.   
This week it's Joo Joo's Shop and what can I say about her creativity... simple marvelous.  

As I was preparing to write this blog entry, I saw that I'm not the only one who is infatuated with Joo Joo's Shop or her creations... there's a terrific Interview (of Afi- owner of Joo Joo's Shop) and also a GIVEAWAY at Sassy Glass Designs!

Sassy did a wonderful job in interviewing Afi and it just helped me adore her items even more, if that's possible.  Isn't that the way though, we just find ourselves gravitating to specific crafted items and when we learn more about the artist, we just love those items even more.  

I, especially LOVE these snails!  They remind me of a time in my childhood.   
So many years ago, my father owned a grocery store.  The neighborhood was so diverse that believe or not, he sold live snails.  They would be in this hugh basket (with a lid) that would be about 4ft high.  When you walked past the basket, you could hear them moving around.  I was 7 years old at the time and always marveled at this basket.  Of course, it was by the front door, so you couldn't miss it.

There was only one thing, my older brother.  When we would be visiting my father, at the store, my brother always seemed to manage to scare me by lifting the lid of that snail basket and chasing me with it, as it was full of snails!   Funny, it's not that bad of a memory - I've gotten him back many times over; perhaps, that's why!  

But seeing this terrific item of magnetic SNAILS, just brings back these wonderful childhood memories... I must say that these guys are SOOO much cuter than the one's I remember.  So check out both JOOJOO and Sassy Glass Designs for MORE!  :D


  1. Oh! Thank you so much for featuring my work in your wonderful blog! I really enjoyed reading the sweet story about your childhood :) HUGS!!! xox

  2. LOVE Your talent and your items sweetie... my pleasure!! :D


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