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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Time is Turning into Team Time!

Ever have one of those days or even WEEKS where, oh I don't know, you just feel YUCKY.  

You wonder, where the next idea may come from.  
You look everywhere - books, magazines.  You will talk to the mail carrier to see what up with her!  I've even bent low to talk to my 4 year old nephew (he's only 3 feet tall) and try to pick his brain.   Funny enough, there's lots of ideas in there.  Ah, youth!

But now there's some EXCITING NEWS from TWO different Shopping Venues.

My pals at team Old World Shoppes are 'SPRINGing' into action - which is exciting to me as I sit at my kitchen table watching the snow melt!

Also, there will be LOTS of promoting going with all the gals at LolliShops.  
Springtime is turning into TEAM TIME and I just LOVE it!

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  1. Dear Nancy, snow melted here aswel and spring is just around the corner... Thank you for your kind words (as so often) - and a mushroom is on its way to you ;-) A warm hug from Sweden, Juliane


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