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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring & Chocolate... What a Terrific Combination!

There's something about Spring that makes me think of... Chocolate!  
There were many years, as a child, that I would find a grand Easter basket, filled with chocolate foiled eggs & a Wonderful Chocolate Bunny.  It was heaven.
Then, I was blessed with migraines and the Chocolate bunny and those wonderful foiled eggs were not to be.  My parents, feeling bad, went on a mission to find Carob.  
Now, it's a bit easier to find Carob; there's a Natural Food Store close by where I recently seen it sold.  But 30 years ago, they went everywhere to find some, just so I would have something resembling Chocolate in that Easter Basket.  

The Carob was ok... it's not Chocolate.  But the wonderful memory I have is the caring of my parents who didn't have the ease of the internet and went out for days just to try and make my Easter a normal and festive event.  Much Love and Thanks to them.  :D

My Neapolitan Bunnies are a tribute to Easter's Past

Glitter Chick - Glittery pin, with the cutest dippity doo curl!

Strawberry Bunny - Funny... as I was making it, I kept singing, "Strawberry Letter 22!"
It's a cute pin and I just LOVE pink!

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