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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You're a great CHICK!

With Spring's arrival, I thought, why not celebrate some snappy Chicks!

This little chick is a creation by,  Art From The Heart.  

This is thebrickkiln's signature Itty-Bitty dish.  Just a wonderful little Chick that loves you!

Check out this hand painted adjustable Chick ring!  It's by AlloverArt and it just sings Spring.

This is a wonderful piece of ACEO print by kellyjcallahan.  I just love this print.  Just so Joyful!


And now, just a tiny bit of self promotion!  My little Chick on a Stick!  You can just stick her anywhere!!  


  1. Great finds!!! I especially love the first two picks! They are irresistible! :)

  2. I just loved the sunny Yellow Colors - they make me smile :D

  3. Dear Nancy, I received a blog award that I'd like to pass on to you. Also there is a game! Look at my blog for details :)


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