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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Taking a Positive Turn... REALLY!

Today, I was asked to write an article for The Old World Shoppes team @ Etsy.
This is a wonderful team of talented artisans that I'm so proud to be a part.
You can see that article at The Old World Shoppes blog.

Lately, after hearing ad infinitum of how the economy keeps taking a nose dive; believe it or not, I'm still feeling hopeful.  It doesn't totally come from having a new administration; but actually, coming from the populous.   From more people clipping coupons; using a savings account and using cash!  All things I was taught as a child.  

I understand as a (cyber) retailer, that we always desire those who impulse buy; but I always appreciated the customer that appreciated the work that I do.  They know they are getting something special and were willing to spend the money for quality.  I have found over the years, they were my return customers.  

Now, the challenge is to challenge myself.  To make more diverse products.  To create something that is so unique, it brings that customer back a second and third time.  To make them look at the imported ornaments and see that they don't have the same "touch" as something I would create.  
It's an interesting challenge; but so is reading to three kids (my niece and nephews); who all want to sit on your lap at the same time!  :D

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