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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Longing for Summer

The ferris wheel still waiting, like myself, for a sunnier day and warmer weather to get started!    I took a walk today, actually I took a car ride to the ocean, then took a walk along the seaside; Ocean City to be exact and although it was sunny and bright by my home, at the ocean, very foggy and cool.

It's like walking in a snowfall; walking along the quiet beach in a bit of fog.  It's solemn.  The seagulls are just hanging, walking around with the sandpipers looking for some food.  Just enjoyable and thought provoking, as I listened to the churning ocean.  Although it didn't clear my mind as much as I had wished; I still came back home with the salty smell in my hair, that I just love.  :D

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  1. So sweet!! I'm happy that you had a good time!

    By the way, your Etsy store is so lovely! :)


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